Black cab drivers hire security guards to see off illegal minicab drivers | News

Black cab drivers hire security guards to see off illegal minicab drivers | New Taxi and security guards

As some of you may have seen last week the LCDC have employed security marshals to help protect the drivers who wish to rank up at Tiger Tiger and Nobu.

It seems that the Authorities are either unwilling or unable to stop the abuse, harassment, and Intimidation which is handed out to law abiding taxi drivers night after night by the Illegal touts which operate from these venues.
I have been accused by some of doing this for no more than a cheap publicity stunt, this could not be further than the truth and the people who have labelled criticism at the Club for this should maybe think again. As I have said in past issues of the Badge, It should not matter what trade association you belong to, it is the badge that you wear round your neck that should bind us together.

I know that there are other various taxi marshal schemes running in London at present, but in my opinion, they are a joke. When I am working 99% of the public open the door of my taxi themselves, we need safety and security not door openers.
By using non yellow / green badge taxi drivers at Nobu and Tiger Tiger as security we never ask the drivers to put their badge and bill on the line. If there was an altercation and the marshals were accused of assault, and suspended, I for one would not want the marshal to “do his bill” .
I am of the opinion that if the LCDC could run our security marshals at Abacus, and other hot spots in the Capital,we would eradicate the tout menace in days, I am that confident in their ability.

I thank all the drivers for their support with this Initiative.

Grant Davis.
Chairman LCDC.

9 thoughts on “Black cab drivers hire security guards to see off illegal minicab drivers | News

  1. Hi Grant

    Congratulations to you and your man in setting up this new site.

    I must say it is rather flashy and puts the others to shame.

    The only trouble is “so much to read will I ever get to bed”

  2. Hello LCDC,
    I worked Nobu a couple of times last night and it was great. I must say that the security guys you have are very good with dealing with us and the public so well done. We must win the public back into our taxis. I am not a member of the LCDC but feel that I would like to help you keep this going.?

  3. If I stay out a little later I will try and get to Nobu and give you support. It is about time someone actually tried to sort this crap out instead of talking about it.!
    why more cabbies have not woken up and want to make a difference is beyond me

  4. Grant, thank you and the LCDC for having the courage to initiate this scheme. The sooner you are given the funds and resources to cover the other touting hotspots the better, lets hope it is soon!

  5. Great initiative by implementing this security at Nobu and TT. I think if you could do something similar/instead of, at Abacus this would be a massive assistance. I think Nobu is settling down now, particularly as we now have a rank and the public are starting to get used to using us there. Obviously there may still be occasions where ‘ponytail’ and his ilk play games with us but its nothing like the aggro we have trying to service Abacus. To have some security/marshalling there for licensed Taxi drivers would be extremely useful in ensuring we win the ongoing nightly wars that we have trying to serve Abacus customers.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Grant and committee. I am on Dial A Cab and in this months Callsign magazine he states that you are employing “Thugs and Vigilantes”.
    How distant is he from the real struggle us drivers have to face on a regular basis. He is a disgrace.

    • nightcab, I was on Dial A Cab as well until recently,Ricey is a proper tosser.!
      All him and the board care about are him and the board.!

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