Public Information Notice………… Tony Mc

Public Information



Hold no insurance, are not licensed by any authority to carry passengers, cost three times more than a licensed taxi, and you travel at your own risk.


It’s illegal to book a mini cab (Gipsy cab) in any public place, or Via a CLIPBOAD JOHNNIE, you take one at your own risk.

There are still 8 rapes a month by unlicensed minicabs.


When booking a Taxi, Minicab (Gipsy cab) Via your concierge it will cost you £20/30 more than if you take a taxi

From the rank outside, or off the street. Your concierge gets paid by the driver, which gets passed on to your fare.

  • (BLACK CAB).

Heathrow Airport approx £50/60.

Gatwick airport approx £ 85/95.

City airport approx £ 25/30.

All prices are on journeys booked within the West end central area, are based on tariff 1  (traffic permitting).

Click here for a printable Public Information Notice pdf

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