Two New Ranks Confirmed…….. 26 Feb 2010

Mr Martin Low (Director of Transport) Westminster Council has confirmed to the LCDC today that two new rank locations in Central London will be implimented.

  • A three cab rank outside Ciprianis restaurant in Davis St, W1.

  • On the north side of Shaftsbury Ave, (west of  Wardour St) in a bay currently being utilised by PH as an illegal rank.

    On behalf of the LCDC membership and personally myself, I would like to thank Mr Low for his continued support and efforts in trying to combat the threat that illegal mini-cabs pose to the safety of the public travelling at night!

    Grant Davis.

    Chairman LCDC

    11 thoughts on “Two New Ranks Confirmed…….. 26 Feb 2010

    1. Great news lets have some more please Mr Low .lets hope Mr Low has seen the problems we face nightly at first hand after his walk about last night with the LCDC

    2. To Grant, and all at the club, the passion, commitmant and enthusiasm shown by the committee and all concerned is spot on, you truly have your finger on the pulse, where the action is , thats where you’ll find the LCDC up front and in your face.

      As for the security marshals, never in the field of human conflict against the illegal mini cab touts has so much owed by so many to so few :

      Well, done Dan and the boys.

      LCDC member.

      London pride lives on.

    3. snap Peter, a tenner is in the post. Keep up the good work mate. Have you thought about joining the LTDF on a night time assault on Abacus.?

      • Hi Nightcab,
        I know that a couple of my commitee as well as a few members of the club attend these drive ins. I think the LTDF are doing a very good job here. I will do my best to come along on future drive ins. But I just wish that the club had the contract for the Abacus rank because I know the problems we face with the touts there would just dry up in a couple of days, i`am sure.
        hank you for the tenner. ( have you posted it yet ? ) ha ha

    4. Great news about the 2 new ranks

      I would like to echo what nightcab has said about Abacus, are there any plans in place to get a rank there?

      It would be great to have more LCDC members joining the LTDF hits on Abacua, Tiger Tiger etc

    5. Went to Ciprianis last night on 3 occasions and made a new friend, a very nice doorman, wearing a black crombie with a university type scarf, he, he took my picture 5 times, he must like me don’t you think?

      So, if your lonely and want to make friends go go go to Ciprianis

    6. El Cabos, just wait until there are 3 cabs with there lights on outside every night !
      If we service this rank enough the touts will just wither and die, they NEED these jobs that come out of these places.
      Maybe when the rank comes, we should go there and have a bit of a party just to piss him off even more!

    7. Still waiting for both ranks, Ciprianis ans Shaftsbury Ave.

      Also echoing question from an earlier post, are there any plans in place to get a rank at ABACUS?. Last two nights I spend a lot of time there playing second fiddle to the scabs. Last night 2 of our own were touting openly and when I quietly spoke to them, was told that 6 cabs parked on bus stop should stop parking illegally. Even scabs were shouting to me and laughing that those 2 taxi were touting. All the work we are putting at Abacus to provide Licensed Taxi service and to displace the scabs!!?? Who is on the Rank Comity. As ranks is a hot topic, we need regular reports to displace rumors.

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