In excess of 10,000 copies of THE BADGE” are being printed and will be distributed shortly. This issue will contain replies to the comments made in the latest issue of Call-Sign, DaC’s in-house magazine.

Grant Davis.

Chairman LCDC

10 thoughts on “THE BADGE

  1. How out of touch is Brian Rice.. We all know he’s an advocate of PH and has no problems working with them. DialaCab drivers need.wake up and get rid of this lot before its too late. What an OAF he is!

  2. Whilst every night hard working cab drivers are facing intimidation, abuse and threats by the touts, Brian Rice is probably having a glass of blue nun, and a sun bed.

  3. Recently Brian Rice issued insults via an internet website and made derogatory remarks to an ex-member of DAC making unwarranted personal attacks in order to defend himself against accusations made about DACs involvement with Private hire and the concierge booking system. Decent drivers have been drummed out of DAC for bringing the society into disrepute for less!
    His latest comments made in callsign magazine criticising the security marshals are so blatantly made as retaliation rather than his stated reasons. It’s high time the drivers took issue with Mr Rice about his conduct, if anyone has ever brought the society into direpute its him. He’s an absolute disgrace!

  4. the drivers should have woken up years ago. typical apathy
    in the cab trade has allowed him and the board to do as they

  5. Ricey needs a reality check. WTF does he know or care about what goes on out there at night, so long as plenty of work goes in his minicabs and not taxis. His big ego is taking a pounding. He’s denying a small town somewhere of an idiot!

  6. The only thing Brian Rice would protect are his profits and concierge.
    The marshals are protecting the ranks from the PH drivers the very same people Rice is in bed with !

    • I used to be on Dial A Cab, great circuit. Then Ricey just looked after himself and the board and sold us all down the river. T attributes to help the mini cabs cover their work…what a joke, but the schmuck drivers still did it.!
      no hope fellas

  7. Has anyone picked up that at DaC’s AGM the subject of paying corporation tax came up.

    For years some of us were saying that DaC was not being run on mutual grounds and for the benefit of members.

    Has Brian has put his foot in it and admitted that he is /has fallen foul of the taxman in the way he is running the Society.

    B Rice said, in answer to a question on why DaC are paying corporation tax:

    “Brian responded by saying that Dial-a-Cab were a substantial sized company and that the taxman had been after us for years to pay tax on our profits. ………………..

    …………Brian went on to add that he felt we were on “borrowed time” and that at some time in the future the taxman would catch up with us, but that it was a lengthy process….”
    [ think of that for a moment “were on “borrowed time” and that at some time in the future the taxman would catch up with us”, surely that is an admission that the Society is not being run as a mutual. Is it not the language of a sharp practice merchant? Does he not come across as an operator running some back street minicab firm? Do you think that a CEO of a major, well run, company would say to shareholders “were on “borrowed time” and “in the future the taxman would catch up with us”??

    B Rice also went on to say:

    “It did also mean that we had to employ real specialists from within Chantrey Vellacott to assist us. He added that they were extremely expensive but that it was money well spent. The last comment brought a “who me” smile from Mike Tovey!…”

    [No wonder it brought a smile from Mr Tovey as this is the very same Chantrey Vellacott who should have been warning members of the folly of accruing such a large surplus and who should have advised members that the surplus ought to have been returned to members by way of reduce subs??? But no the accountants then get to offer DaC their services that are “extremely expensive” in an attempt to ameliorate a problem that they themselves helped to bring about!!!

    And still the members fall for it and vote for Mr Rice and vote to keep the accountants for a further year!

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