A-Rix concept

Have you ever encountered a smart Alec passenger who logs on to Google maps during a journey; then argues the toss over both the fare and the route you have taken ? The passenger convinced that  Google maps  is the gospel and travelling across London in traffic efficiently has nothing to do with “The knowledge!”  Well take a look at the face of things to come.

Have you ever been stiffed by a cabbie that didn’t want to use the meter in their cab to calculate your fare? Well, if the A-Rix concept device ever becomes a reality, we might see a rather nice solution to the problem. It’s a tamper proof device that can calculate the fare with the help of a GPS chip. When the meter starts, it’ll record your starting position, and measure the distance between 2 consecutive points to calculate the distanced traveled, giving you the correct fare. It does have some rather nifty features, such as location information being displayed, a clock, indicator for ‘hired’ status, and also a backlit LCD to ensure you can read whatever is being displayed. Are you currently happy with the ways taxis are run, or would you rather they incorporate something like this into their routine?

Could this be the face of the future, where the passenger uses this device as a bartering aid?

Information sourced by Alan Mc

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