Ethnic Knowledge Funding Withdrawn

In 2007 Ken Livingstone introduced a scheme and funding for minority groups to help them study the “Knowledge of London.”The scheme has now been scrapped at a cost totalling close to £2,000,000.

Below is a quote by Ken Livingstone taken directly from the LDA website:

“The black cab is one of London’s most instantly recognisable trademarks and is an incredibly important part of London’s transport network.This project will help address the barriers to employment that currently exist for women and people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities to participate in this important part of our city’s life.”

ken Livingstone

This is the latest statement issued by the LDA:

“The BAME and Women Taxi scheme was started in 2007 to provide training so that 400 Londoners would obtain the Knowledge/Green Badge by 2010. However to date the project has not achieved more than 10 people completing the knowledge and funding to September would only ensure that 50 people would pass the knowledge, the LDA cannot justify an investment of £1,997,780 for only 12.5% of those on the scheme achieving the knowledge accreditation, this is not good value for money, especially when 30% of all Knowledge students are now from BAME groups.”


As you can see from the latest press release by the L.D.A the  “Ethnic Knowledge” scheme has had their funding stopped. It is worth pointing out that the LCDC were the only Trade Association to strongly object to this scheme, and held a very high profile demonstration outside the Palestra building with many drivers and knowledge boys in attendance.

“This was no more than a cynical ploy by Ken Livingstone to entice votes out of the ethnic community in London. There was and still is no barrier in place to stop anybody from applying to do the knowledge, and he knew this.”

Grant Davis. Chairman LCDC

A response to the LCDC protest at the time issued by Bob Hewlitt, UNITE Central London Cab Section, was published in the morning star and it said:

‘The aim of the LCDC is simple – keep the London cab trade white, middle aged and male. Their demonstration brought shame on the whole trade.’

7 thoughts on “Ethnic Knowledge Funding Withdrawn

  1. Oh really, the shame was on the other trade groups who did not back the LCDC back then I think. I remember this happening and was amazed the other two groups stayed quiet.

  2. Over the years the club has been attacked from all angles, these attacks have only strengthened the resolve of the people who want to make the changes that are desperately needed in our trade.

    Grant Davis has never been shy in voicing an opinion, the enthusiasm he has and what he has done with the LCDC in 18 short months is remarkable!

  3. I remember the demonstration, i had only been out a few months. 3 years hard slog and toil. Can anyone tell me why the LTDA and the T&G did not join the LCDC demo please.?

  4. What a complete joke.! £200,000 PLUS PER STUDENT no one gave me a nicker to do the knowledge, I had to borrow petrol money of my dad sometimes….and the lcdc were the only ones to object.
    Says everything.

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