Mini-cab partition

This vehicle was seen today in the Finchley Rd, as you can see it belongs to, it is complete with partition and is a PCO registered vehicle!

The LCDC are currently making enquiries about the legality of this vehicle under the current legislation and will update you shortly.

11 thoughts on “Mini-cab partition

  1. Is this the start where all mini cabs start looking like taxis. Next will be addi loo’s car partioned up and then it will be can we have our ranks then oh sod it can we have the taxi light on top aswell.
    Drivers time to wake up we are nearly at END GAME here !

  2. Just ask the united trade group leader Bob, he was on the surface transport committee when this issue was discussed. He never raised any objection, but then he never does. Find the minutes of the meeting on the TFL web site, its all there.

    Harry the article on the GMB website is a set up to discredit the RMT.
    I have attended every committee meeting so far of the RMT London taxi branch committee and this subject has never been mentioned.

    Its not hard to find the truth about these trade issues,

    • thomasthetaxi… Nice to see someone that’s done their homework, correctly…

      The facts are there, you just need to look for them.

      • So why doesn’t he print them for everyone to read on his own website, instead of coming on here making claims of fit-ups ?

        No doubt there will be another “cant do that its a copyrights issue” from the editor !

  3. Yeah, well said Harry. This customer relations thing educating drivers when to shut up should be extended to trade organisations like the RMT.

    Now look what they have helped achieve with their BIG MOUTHS, (partitions in mini-cabs) well done RMT, next time try engaging the brain before opening your BIG MOUTHS !

  4. Congratulations to the R.M.T on your first success as a trade body!
    You are finally going get the due recognition you deserve, and I’m sure nobody from the other trade organisations will spoil your victory parade……..
    CONGRATULATIONS GUYS, for pulling this one off and helping P.H. get partitions in their vehicles!

    Ps. you are supposed to kick the ball in the opponents net, not your’e own…..Clowns!

  5. Dear All,
    I would like to say two things to all you that have taken the time to post on here.

    1. I will not have people come on this site to just attack other trade bodies or Individuals. It is devisive and negative and helps no one. There are other sites for this, if that is what you want to do.

    2. As I have said before, the Club,LTDA,T&G, RMT, all represent us, Cab drivers.To waste all our energy attacking each other is pointless. Wake up and focus on ALL OUR ENEMIES !
    thank you.

    Grant Davis.

  6. for what it`s worth, I am a member of the Club, but attend the LTDF / Twitter drive -ins. I see at least 2 LCDC committee members there on occasions.?
    are we going back to the ” we done this ” days then ?
    once we get jobs on board and drive off the scabs just return, at least the security guys keep the rank clear for us ALL night.

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