16 thoughts on “THE BADGE

  1. I see Russell Wilson is writing your leader now.
    Would think the drivers on Twitter action group and the LTDF hit squad will wont to take issue with this headline.

    Telling porkies has damaged the LTDA and they have lost many members.
    Can you really afford to go down that road Grant!

  2. Well done and thank you to all the drivers who gave a lot of their working time to ward off touts from ranks. Special thanks to thomasthetaxi who tirelessly works to reclaim TigerTiger rank and other ranks for the rest of the Taxi Trade.

  3. I have to agree with thomasthetaxi, although i respect the LCDC for their efforts with the security at these venues, i feel Grant needs to show some respect to the LTDF and Twitter guys who turn up at clubs night after night. Please dont go down the LTDA line of claiming the glory on everything. Yes the Taxi security team was a great idea, however what support has the LCDC given to the LTDF/Twitter in claiming back the work before the security guys were employed?

  4. I bet now you’ve read the badge ,you must feel a little bit silly.no porkies in it,ranks meaning tiger and nobo. the ones I saw on your video full of scabs on a saturday night,when the marshalls are there they keep the scabs off the rank.Maybe who should be a big man and say sorry

  5. Hi Thomas,
    I am not telling porkies, my friend. I have been at T.T with my guys and the touts just fled. I will not ask my members to fund two extra marshalls for T.T as well as Nobu, for the benefit of all drivers . It seems that every one is telling me where and when I should be using my security marshalls but as usual no one wants to help pay. It is a trait in the cab trade that as long as someone is sorting out a problem the majority just care about their earnings. As for for the NissenHut article, I agree 100% with his views on the WCHCD, and thought it was well written. I think the trade at large will enjoy the article.

    • Well said Grant! I think what you are doing with the security marshals and the publishing of the articles from the NissenHut is in keeping with issues that are directly affecting our trade today.

      What you are are doing is in the interest of all working cab drivers and our trade at large. Too many in our trade let their personal feelings get in the way of the issues that need addressing; they are too preoccupied with trying to score political points and like you say are quite happy to have a bogie man in the closet to complain about. As a radio-man who is watching more and more of my livelihood disappearing into the back of cars on a nightly basis I would like to thank you for having the bottle to tackle issues that others simply won’t touch!

      Ps. Is TtT a member of the W.C.H.C.D, if not, what is he objecting to ?

  6. Dear All,
    I would like to say two things to all you that have taken the time to post on here.

    1. I will not have people come on this site to just attack other trade bodies or Individuals. It is devisive and negative and helps no one. There are other sites for this, if that is what you want to do.

    2. As I have said before, the Club,LTDA,T&G, RMT, all represent us, Cab drivers.To waste all our energy attacking each other is pointless. Wake up and focus on ALL OUR ENEMIES !
    thank you.

    Grant Davis.

  7. yet again the badge is spot on with what is going on and going wrong in our trade today.
    Well done to all those involved with the club.

  8. If you’ve not read my post on the Anderson Shelter under Marshalls, I would like to let you, the members, know what I think about the LTDF and TaG group.
    I have given them my support from the start, I was with them in Hanover Sq last year when we went to Movida 20 handed, up until the recent drive- in at ABACUS last week. I am known to be a LCDC committee member and a night time driver.
    I may not have attended as many drive –ins as some, but If you ask anyone who knows me I hope they will tell you that I will stand toe to toe with any tout who tries to nick our work.

    I wish the club could tweet and have 30 drivers turn up en-masse maybe that will come later.
    I have always endeavoured to attend the drive-ins organised by the LTDF and TaG where possible, and take exception to the accusations made that the LCDC has never been present or shown any support, these claims are untrue!

    Tony Mc.

    • well said Tony Mc, we need to work together and fight the touts not try and gain brownie points with the ” we done this….not you ” rubbish.
      Maybe thats why we are still fighting for our survival eh?

  9. Well said Tony Mc , we all have the same enemy, we all have the same badge and we all have to merge as one.


  10. like everyone else I got the Badge this wk @ Padd Stn. I read the other papers but I have to say ( I am not a LCDC member ) …the guys at the LCDC seem to be working flat out to try and save us. I believe that they are all working cab drivers ? and are doing all this.
    I may really consider joining as I have not been in anything since I got my badge 8 yrs ago.

  11. Quote “I may really consider joining as I have not been in anything since I got my badge 8 yrs ago.”
    For G sake, you have been a freeloader for that long. Only by working together we can steam the tide and turn it around. Do not think too long. For us that worked a cab a lot longer than you, know the pre-minicab times when you could feed you family on a normal weeks work.
    There is no competition out on the streets, only free for all (except Taxi drivers).

  12. Hi Simco, you are quite right, I have contacted the LCDC last week for a
    application form. I worked Nobu again last week and the difference there
    is remarkable. No hassle, no scabs, just punters wanting to use us again.
    Thanks Simco for the advice mate.

  13. Simco you are correct, I am ashamed that I have been out for just 4 years and am in nothing, always putting it off.
    I will join something in the next few months thats for sure.

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