Tonight, John Mason Director Of Taxis and Private Hire has informed Grant Davis that after last Thursday`s very successful night out in the West End to see the situation at Nobu with the Clubs Security Marshals, He has agreed to move the existing TFL marshals at Cranbourn Street over to Tiger Tiger

Due to the cost involved and lack of any financial support for the scheme from any quarters Grant had taken Mr Mason over to see Tiger Tiger for himself and explained the need for marshals to be placed there.

Grant says, ” I am very happy that Mr Mason has done this. To have Nobu and Tiger Tiger marshaled, it has given the Licensed taxi trade a foot back into the clubs causing us much concern and alarm”

The TFL marshals will start at Tiger Tiger next Thursday night.


  1. The 2 guys at T.T are a bloody waste of space, drinking tea sitting in the front of the taxi with a lorry on our rank.
    what a waste of TFL money !

  2. Worked Nobu this week and thought it was very good. Went round to TT last night, 2 fellas drinking and just chatting whilst scabs outside the door.
    the words chocolate fire guard spring to mind.

  3. re- tt marshals if there anything like the liverpool st marshals a total waste of funding you don’t need to pay marshals to drink tea all night long while PH DRIVERS ARE NICKING THE WORK AT WILL

  4. Like you I worked on Saturday night, bloody useless,touts outside whilst the marshalls drank tea and sat in the cab at the point of the rank.waste of time and money Mr Mason.

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