TFL Statement:

New marshalled taxi rank in Haymarket:

Transport for London has taken the decision to move the existing Cranbourne Street marshalled taxi rank to Haymarket in response to concerns raised by the taxi trade about touting in the area.

The new Haymarket marshalled rank will start operating on Friday 12 March. John Mason, TfL’s Director of Taxi and Private Hire, said:

“I’ve seen for myself that any marshalling schemes we have provided have been very popular with drivers and passengers alike.  We will be moving the existing Cranbourne Street scheme to Haymarket as a direct result of concerns raised by the trade. “As I am sure the trade will understand, we only have a limited amount of funding for such schemes so it’s vital we are flexible and able to respond to changes in demand.  In addition TfL will continue to seek funding for future schemes in other key areas.”

8 thoughts on “TFL Statement:

  1. I went past the marshalls at T.T last night WHAT A JOKE !
    they were both sitting in the cab right at the front of the rank, whilst a 40ft lorry was parked on the taxi rank.
    whats going on here ?

  2. Peter Hill,
    JM hasn’t listened to the trade this is a crumb he has thrown to keep us quite. It wasn’t such a hard decision to make surely as the Rank at Cranbourne Street is a building site at the moment.

  3. Grant Davis recently issued a content warning. Please respect his wishes. If you wish to attack people personally there are other websites that specialise in this kind of thing!

    Thank you.

  4. Jason Byrne, I know what you mean, but this is better than nothing is`nt it ?
    I went past the rank at T.T this weekend and the marshalls are a complete joke.!
    drinking tea with their cabs parked on the front of a working rank.!!!
    When I past on Saturday they were talking with a driver who was pkd up with his light off…jobs for the boys.?

  5. I’ve used the rank at the 02 a few times recently the marshalls there are supplied by the same yellow badge driver who’s got his feet in at TFL. the marshals there are not worth a toss. All they want to do is open the doors and get rid of the people off the rank without asking them where they are going or if they have enough money to pay the fare. There is some good work here but also a lot that is not so good ! So you at least want the passenger not to have to go via an ATM. Which is you’re right !! If these marshals can’t do there job properly get someone who can. Some cab drivers might be led into a false sence of security if a passenger is put into there cab by a marshall only to find out they won’t get paid at the end of the journey.

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