Com Cab, Underpayment Issue:

Members of the LCDC have been ringing the office complaining that on the 20, Dec 2009 Com Cab did not pay any gratuity to their drivers, it appears that Com Cab are waiting for drivers to contact them directly before making any reimbursement for their error!

The LCDC advises all Com Cab drivers check their statement, and to contact driver services if they have any underpayment issues!

3 thoughts on “Com Cab, Underpayment Issue:

  1. thanks LCDC just phoned up no payments have been to me .What a joke i should not be ringing COMCAB for my money.
    Once again thanks

  2. what a liberty , you would have thought that com cab could have had the decency, to inform all there drivers. just think of all the thousands of pounds that they are holding of your money…

  3. I am on CC and have just checcked that I was not paid either ?
    whats going on here.?
    Can the LCDC get me more info please.

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