New Enforcement Cameras, Tiger Tiger:

After months of touts taking advantage of Westminster’s free park and tout scheme outside Tiger Tiger, Westminster council are starting to bite back. They have know put up new signage and installed enforcement cameras outside Tiger Tiger that makes it quite clear that only taxis can park outside this venue between the hours of 10pm to 6am.

I still believe they should have marked the rank out as this will still cause confusion with the clueless traffic wardens who in the past have struggled to enforce the rank. So let’s see if the new signage and cameras can keep this touting hotspot clear and allow us to work this rank properly.

7 thoughts on “New Enforcement Cameras, Tiger Tiger:

  1. Great news, it has been a long time coming as well.!
    hopefully with the marshalls there now we can put on and get the work. All we have to do is cover it !!!!

  2. If the marshalls are doing their jobs properly the touts shouldn’t get no work off this rank. But it does need good service from us aswell

  3. Marshals must be commited to Taxi Trade, otherwise they end being just door openers and waste of time and money. This taxi rank extends outside the door of Tiger Tiger and there they shoud stand, protecting passengers and directing them to point cab. Chase touts away, challenge door staff for touting and protecting taxi drivers on the rank. If this lot can’t do it, get others who can.

  4. The amount of regular scabs parking on TT taxi rank makes you think if they know something we don’t. With the cameras switched on, I would like to see some statistics, because it seems that if any tickets are given out, it doesn’t filter to the scabs.

  5. Those two idiots at TT are a disgrace, how can we get the same kind of marshals at Nobu to work TT ?
    Please could someone at the lcdc come on here and explain please.?

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