The LCDC are to call a mass demonstration in response to licensing of Private Hire vehicles that clearly contravene the 1998 PH (London)Act. First we had harmonisation, now we have the relaxing of standards when passing PH vehicles for license. Recently a committee member was told at the Abacus nightclub by an official from the PCO that minicabs were allowed to stand and wait to be hired legally; where as Licensed Taxis were made to move on!

The situation has reached boiling point among cab drivers and assaults by PH touts and operatives on taxi drivers are becoming an every day occurrence. We can do very little in retaliation and it is commendable that cab drivers show the amount of restraint they do. Now is the time for “US ALL” working cab drivers to show the anger and frustration we feel and unite in the fight to stop this pandering to TOUTS and the PH industry in general.

Grant Davis

Chairman LCDC

Date to be confirmed.

PCO License PH vehicle Fiat TW200 sold as Purpose Built Taxi

Some time ago a fully partitioned, fully (PCO) licensed PH vehicle was spotted and photographed in the Finchley Rd, NW3. The LCDC have since made enquiries at the Public Carriage Office and as promised, we now have an update on this vehicle, plus a comment from the licensing authority the PCO.

The London Cab Drivers Club has now received information that the Private Hire vehicle in question is a FIAT TW 200 TAXI that incidentally is licensed as a Hackney Carriage in most boroughs outside London! This vehicle has been approved and licensed by the Public Carriage Office (PCO) as a PH vehicle. On closer examination the FIAT TW 200 has almost identical interior design as both the TX4 LTI taxi and the Mercedes Vito taxi; all that differentiates this vehicle from the licensed Hackney Carriage version is the “For Hire” sign and plate on the back are missing. My main concern is if the (PCO) let this be the norm and open the flood gates, what happens if Addison lee buy 2000 of these vehicles in black, and let’s not forget the touts. I think this would not only confuse the Public, but would almost definitely increase the risk factor to public safety that needs to be eradicated!

We have raised our concerns with the (PCO) and they have issued this statement as follows:

‘TfL have not formally announced any changes with regards to the use of driver shields for Private Hire vehicles.  We fully understand the relevant regulations with regards to private hire vehicles and maintaining the distinction between vehicles used as taxis and for private hire’.

The club have asked for a meeting to discuss this matter further and we will keep you informed.

Tony MC.

The LCDC are less than happy that PH vehicle specifications have now exceeded the clear  defining boundaries laid out in the 1998 Private Hire (London) Act and will vigorously oppose the use of such vehicles.

Grant Davis

Chairman LCDC

Grant Davis Interviews David Cameron

Has Grant Davis just interviewed the next Prime Minister of Great Britain? See the honest and frank interview at “The Sun” website. David Cameron describes himself as an uncomplicated man passionate about his country and a keen advocate of change. Integrity being an important attribute for a leader; I would say the two leaders share similar qualities.

Click here to see Grant Davis interview David Cameron


This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from the top people at The Public Carriage Office. Don’t rely on second hand gossip and hearsay!

In attendance will be Mr John Mason Director of Taxis & Private Hire TfL and Helen Chapman Head of Business services & Development Taxi & Private Hire Directorate TfL.

The Biscuit Factory has adequate and secure parking facilities. You must produce your membership card to gain access to the meeting. Light refreshments will be served.

Be there, get involved and help bring about the long overdue changes that will shape the future of our industry!

Bulletin direct from TfL

Below is the latest strategic logistical update from TFL. Please take time to read the information carefully to safeguard  from any confusion:

This is to let you know the latest about flights into London airports. There are not expected to be many additional flights arriving over the next few nights, contarary to earlier suggestions. There may be some late arrivals into Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, particularly tonight.

Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express and Stansted Express will be running all night tonight only to serve passengers from any of these late arrivals. Paddington, Victoria and Liverpool St stations will be open for these services, but other rail services and stations will be as normal schedules. Services on Thursday night and onwards are expected to be as normally scheduled.

There will be no special tube or bus services running although the night bus network will operate as normal. Depending on arrivals of flights, there may be demand for taxis tonight at Heathrow and at the termininals served by the airport express services.

This is to allow you to take what steps you can to make your drivers aware of these plans so they can help to meet this demand.

Yours sincerely,

Luke Howard
Senior Strategy & Integration Manager
TfL Taxi & Private Hire

Proposed New Taxi Rank Charing Cross Road

Below is the preliminary plan for a proposed taxi rank and shared loading bay that will be  located on the east side of Charing Cross Road by Cecil Court. The rank will be for 9 cabs and will be operational between the hours of 10:00pm and 5:00am

Click on image to enlarge   New and old signage for rank


April 13, 2010


LTI Vehicles have stated that the TXN Concept vehicle, pictures of which have been sent out in advance of the Beijing motorshow, is not intended to replace the TX4 London Taxi.

“The TXN is a concept car which is intended for international markets,” said Peter Shillcock, Managing Director of LTI. “We have always said that our relationship with Geely would allow us to explore other vehicle designs and the TXN is the first example of this.” The Concept Vehicle does not conform to UK disability legislation nor does it have the famous 25ft turning circle and therefore would not comply with PCO regulations for London. “The vehicle is designed to showcase what we do best which is our taxi knowledge and unique interior design ideas,” continued Shillcock. “This is definitely not the TX4 replacement and is aimed at international markets which need a smaller vehicle than the current London Taxi but would still benefit from our taxi experience with vehicle design.” “Manufacturers are always showing concept designs to test market reaction and therefore refine their design ideas.”