LCDC Security Marshals Nobu:

Nobu rank to be fully marshalled Thur, Fri and Sat nights.

As of today 8th April:  The Nobu rank will be fully manned by the LCDC security marshals Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until further notice.

Due to a problem with all the I’s and T’s being crossed with a major sponsor, the marshal’s will only be in  attendance Thursday and Friday this week. Sorry for any confusion caused.

Grant Davis.

2 thoughts on “LCDC Security Marshals Nobu:

  1. well done LCDC you have done more than all the rest have tried to do !
    I work the rank and it is a breath of fresh air. It works a treat.

  2. I recently had the pleasure of waiting in the reception of shoreditch house and stood their and witnessed how the mini cab clip board johnnie works
    The club, resturant , spa are all on different floors so are only acessed by lift !!!!! when ever a member of the public approaches the door the doorman asks them if they require a taxi service !!!
    If the answer is yes they are then given a number and shown surprisingly to a mini cab !!!!
    Why the surprise ???? because most of the passengers thought it was a black taxi they were getting as the doorman states ” DO YOU REQUIRE A TAXI SERVICE”
    surely mis-leading the client !!!!!!!

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