17 thoughts on “THE BADGE APRIL 2010

  1. Good read.
    Identification disc in taxi. I am against the stickers but I would welcome for our bill in green or yellow to be displayed just under the mirror with photo and drivers number facing inside. The colour of the bill would also be visible from the outside. The Bill could be made removable and a smaller size, perhaps credit card size.

    LCDC marshalled ranks. I have written in the similar theme and agree to use security for the purpose. Nobu now becomes almost self working and with camera deterrent against rogue parking, the Marshals could be redeployed. All just then we need to service it.

    Do not limit taxi licence numbers. It has always been self limiting due to output by examiners and the Knowledge. Only the best would become London Taxi Cab Drivers.
    The limitation into entry into PH would be due to limited profits to be achieved due to supply and demand while working within the rules. Only the good companies would survive and the bad ones should be weeded out. All the ‘tout shops’ ought to be closed immediately and returned to working from office with proper planning permit. This would also alleviate traffic and pollution.

    Ranks have to be sorted out ‘pronto’. Definitely, the bottom of Ch.X.Rd. between Orange St and Cranbourn St. is huge problem created by the authority and taken advantage by scabs.
    Also many 24 hrs ranks have single line which is unenforceable by Wardens. Sort it out!

    • Simco, you are correct here, there is much more that needs to be done here. I am very concerned that the trade is under attack by a Hydra of
      things, touts, illegal ranks, enforcement, partitions in P.H. vehicles etc etc…..the list goes on and on.

      We need the PCO to be far more proactive for us . But I fear the whole situation at the PCO with someone like Luke Howard being in charge of ” Intergration” worries me. We do not want Intergration with the PH we want Segregation.
      I think John Mason will have trouble in the future wearing 2 hats.

  2. Another great edition of The Badge. The cub are the only ones with a responsible approach to finding answers and solving the problems.
    Well done!

  3. judging by the amount talk flying around the cab trade, it seems the Badge is fast becoming the hottest trade paper on the street.
    I love it. The LCDC leading from the front by a country mile !

  4. Please be aware that comments that are either abusive or detract from the original post will not be posted. There are other well known sites that specialise in this kind of content.

    Thank you.
    LCDCorg Admin.

  5. The ID disc could not come sooner , for years now some of our yellow badge friends have been abusing the system for too long and it was about time it was put right. In the last couple of editions of the badge , with regards to com cab and spital square. There was over 30 yelow badge drivers caught out whilst 50 to 80 green badge drivers sat on the ec1 to ec4 ranks. That was just 30 on a radio circuit imagine how many are out there who are not on radio circuits. If they want to pick up in town and do mine and your work then do the all London knowledge like the rest of us.

  6. Why doesn’t dano mind his own business and worry about himself. Yellow badges just do the work he can’t be botherd doing because it’s not a big enough job. Stop moaning and stand shoulder too shoulder with all black cabs.

  7. The rise in applications for YB has gone up unproportionally to GB and is seen as a shortcut to work central. Cab man is wrong that YB in center do the jobs no one else want. Cab man is wrong to condone YB working center. I did Wimbledon YB in 1984 and realized that GB was what I really wanted, I did GB a year later. The sectors were very small, 2.5 mile radius. There were ranks everywhere. Those probably still exist but no one covers them due to minicabs and mobile phones.
    There is a lot of work in the suburbs and YB are in strong position due o their numbers. It needs organization and leadership. Look at the drivers on LTDF winning work from scabs, or Twitter always being in the know and going where the work is. Join the organization (100%) that can represent you at negotiations.
    When I find myself in Wimbledon I just stop by the minicab office in the Broadway and always get a job. When I pass the station, the rank is full.
    Two month ago I hailed a cab on Putney Br. to take me to Surrey. It was N reg cab and when I asked to see his badge it turned out to be YB. I turned him down and took next cab who was very pleased to trap a job. This job has nearly been stolen by YB driver not licensed for this sector.
    I apply here the same criteria as to the minicabs breaking the law.
    But I would rather fight scabs than our own. Just work hard and if you wont, do the GB Knowledge.

  8. Well said simco. if cab man does the work I turn down then he must be skint. But on the other foot if he is a yellow badge driver and he is doing work other drivers turn down he must be guilty of working out of his area. Lots of green badge drivers are bringing it. To the attention of the pco they have brought it upon themselves andthis is why there is going to be a disc.

  9. Please note. I will not post personal attacks or snide comments on this site!
    If you wish to engage in this kind of activity I suggest you go to a different web site, there are others that specialise in this kind of activity. This is the official website of the LCDC and not a forum!

    Thank you,

  10. I have great news, since the PCO have agreed to the Clubs continued proposals for Indentification, yellow badge drivers have contacted me and the PCO to look at having yellow discs in THEIR taxis showing different sectors, as the abuse within the suburban sectors are rife!
    The PCO have listened and are now pressing forward for yellow discs with the sector numbers printed on them.
    This just shows me that if the will is there and trade orginisations actually do what we are here for, then we can have a positive input into how our Industry is run.

  11. I would welcome for our bill in green or yellow to be displayed just under the mirror with photo and drivers number facing inside. The color of the bill would also be visible from the outside. The Bill could be made removable and a smaller size, perhaps credit card size. For YB sector it could have sector number. IMO it is enough to have driver ID on the windscreen only within easy reach of the Driver for removal. I see no need for the disc in the rear window.

  12. I know at least 4 yellow badge drivers who work in town since they got their badges from over east. Well done in getting this massive problem addressed…..

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