Grant Davis Exclusive Sun Interviews

See the exclusive pre election interviews with LCDC Chairman Grant Davis in The Sun.

Click on links below to watch interviews with Grant Davis:

Grant Davis Interviews Eric Pickles Conservative Party Chairman

Grant Davis Interviews Harriet Harmen MP Deputy Leader Labour Party

Grant Davis Interviews William Hague Shadow Foreign Secretary

Grant Davis Interviews Danny Alexander Lib Dem Mainifest Chair

6 thoughts on “Grant Davis Exclusive Sun Interviews

  1. Great interviews Grant. Harriet Harmen came out of the back of the cab faster than a greyhound out of the trap! She couldn’t get out fast enough, I can’t stop laughing. All the interviews are consistently good. William Hague is right……Grant, you are a natural my son!

  2. Very good media skills Grant. As good as the Politics Show you were on.

    This is what we need to present a good image to the public. I liked the partner / husband bit of the Harriet Harman interview when you said you were being PC, excellent.

    I shudder to think of how some of the Ranting Forum ‘trade voices’ would come across if they were to appear representing us on the media, it would be scum this, scum that, filthy foreign scum this and they are all counts.

    Mr I Trundle

    • Yes I did. why the TX4 road tax is so high and also the mayors ( past and present ) attack on the taxi drivers with their emissions policies.
      None of them made the cut as I think they are looking at a more national picture, sorry !

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