Breaking News…..Embargos:

After the recent assault of a cab driver outside Embargos nightclub in Chelsea the LCDC contacted David Brown of the (STC) Territorial Policing Unit. Grant Davis emphasised to the STC that it was unacceptable for cab drivers to be subject to these kinds of attacks whilst carrying out their duties as licensed taxi drivers. Below is a response from Inspector David Brown Met Police.

On receipt of this information regarding Embargos officers from the Cab Enforcement Unit STC deployed to the venue- the clipboard operator was arrested over the weekend.

We will continue to deploy to the venue.

In order for us to deploy to such venues as quickly as possible can you ask that you remind your members to contact the police regarding such incidents or if they choose not to, then to please contact us yourselves so this information can get passed on.

Many thanks.

Insp. David Brown

Territorial Policing / Cab Enforcement Unit/ STC

21 thoughts on “Breaking News…..Embargos:

  1. Yet again it took a real leader to step in and get some action sorting this out!
    That’s why I’m a member of the club. We have real leadership in Grant Davis, a genuine person who never runs away or shirks his responsibilities, no matter how tough things get !

  2. As the cab driver who was assaulted, i would like to take issue with OK cabby over his comments, this matter is now in the hands of the RMT’s legal department as i am a member, i doubt whether this comment will be posted though, as usual, Lee

    • In a nutshell. Grant was looking after his members welfare when he raised the issue of attacks on working cab drivers. It brought this venue to the police’s attention and they deployed officers from the enforcement unit to Embargos, consequently they arrested the clipboard Johnny (probably for a touting offence).

      I think you may be jumping to conclusions about my comment. Grant doesn’t drag his feet on issues and is a very visual and outspoken leader! If you want to take issue with anyone it should be with your own organisation leaders for dragging their feet in dealing with your’e issue; they seem to be more interested in milking the story than dealing with the issue. I’m really sorry you got thumped and have been used in this rather sinister way!

    • Lee, you should chill out a bit. If you want to post negative, cheap shots at other people, and orginisations then no it will not be posted on here, correct.
      I hear you had a conversation with an LCDC committee member at Abacus last week…any further on those questions you were going to ask.?
      As you have stated, this is now in the safe hands of the RMT legal team, good for you and I hope you get somewhere. I would like you if possible to keep the trade informed of the outcome, as I firmly believe in this recession assaults like this will not be going away.
      keep well.

  3. Lee it doesn’t matter who sorts this mess out as long as it stops other drivers from being assaulted, and will happen again as the TOUTS start feeling the squeeze from the taxi trade they will start to defend there patch by any means.
    I know the trade has not got a lot of faith in the police, but to be assaulted and not report will give them the green light to carry on assaulting taxi drivers. I hope for your sake your legal team bring charges against the clipboard Johnny

    • Well said Paddy Cab, the ” we done this…nah nah nah ! ” bollocks is
      making the whole trade look stupid.
      We are all taxi drivers together, and should wake up and smell the coffee.!

    • I think all the groups should work together yes.! but from where I see things the RMT have just slagged the Club of since they started, and to be honest with you I don`t know if I would talk to them my self.

  4. Also, you seem to be implying that this matter was brought to the attention of the police by the LCDC. The facts are are that I alerted John Mason to this problem a long time before this incident happened, warning him that something like this was inevitable.

    Also, one of your own members, Marino, was assaulted by this CBJ last September, can you tell me what the club did about that please?

  5. Dizzy, a rather twisted reply as was expected. Grant Davis said ” attacks of this nature were not acceptable”. Grant voiced this comment at a meeting with the authorities. The other members of the United Trade Group will attest this!

    What I am saying is the RMT are dragging their feet in dealing with the original incident. it’s not rocket science get it reported to the police!!
    In the hands of our legal team, do you mean Stan Murat….lol
    All the guy had to do was report the assault, he had you as a witness and plod would have nicked him!

    I’m sure you did tell John Mason what you saw in your crystal ball. It is also inevitable that sooner or later Spurs would beat Arsenal; I’m sure he never lost any sleep over that issue either.

    ps. that’s another story I see you are milking……lol

    • Is it any wonder Leewd would not feel safe in reporting an assault. And it is no wonder RMT are dragging their feet in dealing with the original incident. LTDF (RMT) Forum members would not have a leg to stand on if a charge of racial abuse was leveled. All a complainer would have to do is to show the posts of the right wing racialists bigots that appear on the LTDF RMT forum. And that Dizzy character is one of the worst offenders!! They write, scum this, foreign scum that, immigrant scum this, Somali scum that. If they write all this ranting racial stuff imagine what they would say out in the field when they are face to face with what they would call foreign scum. Is that is why Lee and Dizzy would not wish to report an attack?


      • I think Victor is possibly right. I have read the comments on the forum which I think are disgraceful!
        I also know of two people thrown off the forum for no good reason by Dizzy
        It is also worth mentioning Bob Crow General Secretary of the RMT signed up to the Unite Against Racism campaign, along with the vast majority of other unions and rightly so !

  6. Look fellas, there is no pint getting into a slanging match over this, like i said the matter is in the hands of the RMT legal department, the RMT have not dragged their feet, it took me a while to decide what course of action to take regarding this incident.

    I cant help thinking that going to the Police about this would be pointless and could end end backfiring on me, any one remember OXO? Simco had his finger broken by a scab recently, what did the police do…. Nothing!

    My Mrs is having a baby tomorrow, the last thing i need is to be arrested on a counter claim by the CBJ that i racially abused him, this CBJ has form for doing just that, ask Marino

  7. This is the official website of the LCDC not a forum for you to rant on. There are plenty of other websites that specialise in abuse, unfounded accusations and personal attacks.

    Thank you.

    • Just Like the Icelandic volcano Dizzy has gone active against the Club. He is has erupted spewing out a load of guff saying he is democratic and allows free comment!! This is a total lie. He does not allow free speech. Have a look Dizzy’s ‘free speech’ forum you will see he often goes into a post and edits post without a by or leave just like a sneak in the night, He bans people if they disagree with him without telling other forum members. They just disappear from the forum.

      Mr I Trundle

  8. There are many hurdles to get prosecution and justice. CPS are not keen to deal with cases like this and you will need good and sympathetic lawyer. Good luck.

  9. I have been on the other blog sites, and do not agree with the slagging off on them, thats why I have given this one a look in.
    Keep it positive, do not become a site just to get brownie points against other trade groups Grant.

  10. Right, I hope what I say now will put all this to bed.The reason that the club got involved with this issue was not only because a taxi driver got beat up outside embargo’s; but also because the LTDF had emailed the office to see if club would run with the story in question in the badge, as they thought none of the other trade papers would do so.
    We would have been more than happy to do this, but the badge was put to bed on the same day and it was too late to do so. Iv’e spoken to leewd 19 and he was aware of the approach from the LTDF about his story.
    Lee, I hope your wife and child are all well, talk to you soon.

    LCDC committee member

  11. I would like to say for the benefit of LCDC members and visitors to the LCDC website:

    We are getting visits to the club’s website from well known activists and antagonists from another trade organisation and action group. Their sole purpose of visiting our website is to cause disruption and discord to the LCDC in general. They mainly criticise the club, make derogatory comments and have very negative attitudes.

    We made an early decision when the website went live that negative, disruptive comments, anti trade organisation activity and personal attacks will not be tolerated full stop!

    The website is the official web page of the LCDC. It was created to keep members updated on events that the club are involved with on a daily basis, also as a means of open communication for the members to have an input.

    It is not a drop-in forum, and non LCDC members should note:

    We are under no obligation to publish points of views of other trade organisations, one such organisation has four websites they are affiliated to should they want to attack the club. They are certainly not going to be permitted to attack and threaten our chairman here on our own web pages!

    Known anti-LCDC activists, do not be surprised if your comments do not get posted. So feel free to take your hate campaigns and threats elsewhere!

    Non LCDC visitors are welcome to leave comments as long as they do not fall into the criteria described above.

    Thank you,

    This comment section is now closed

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