April 13, 2010


LTI Vehicles have stated that the TXN Concept vehicle, pictures of which have been sent out in advance of the Beijing motorshow, is not intended to replace the TX4 London Taxi.

“The TXN is a concept car which is intended for international markets,” said Peter Shillcock, Managing Director of LTI. “We have always said that our relationship with Geely would allow us to explore other vehicle designs and the TXN is the first example of this.” The Concept Vehicle does not conform to UK disability legislation nor does it have the famous 25ft turning circle and therefore would not comply with PCO regulations for London. “The vehicle is designed to showcase what we do best which is our taxi knowledge and unique interior design ideas,” continued Shillcock. “This is definitely not the TX4 replacement and is aimed at international markets which need a smaller vehicle than the current London Taxi but would still benefit from our taxi experience with vehicle design.” “Manufacturers are always showing concept designs to test market reaction and therefore refine their design ideas.”

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