Proposed New Taxi Rank Charing Cross Road

Below is the preliminary plan for a proposed taxi rank and shared loading bay that will be  located on the east side of Charing Cross Road by Cecil Court. The rank will be for 9 cabs and will be operational between the hours of 10:00pm and 5:00am

Click on image to enlarge   New and old signage for rank

3 thoughts on “Proposed New Taxi Rank Charing Cross Road

  1. “preliminary plan for a proposed taxi rank” All ranks are welcome. Starting time could be brought to an earlier time 21.30 hrs as many drivers line themselves for theaters and diners. Some theaters finish before 22.00 hrs.
    Also there must be a huge rank for revelers on the WEST side of ChXRd. All the night drivers know that this place is infested with illegal cars touting all night and every night and putting licensed taxis in their place would provide safe travel and alleviate the traffic problem.

  2. Simco there are plans to try and get a rank on the west side but space is limited . But the ranks commitee are pushing for a new rank just by Bear street I will keep everyone updated when we get more info from Westminster.

  3. I hope the new ranks get the go ahead. We need to get the scabs off them as well.
    We need enforcement, or the thing ain`t worth a toss I`m afraid !

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