This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from the top people at The Public Carriage Office. Don’t rely on second hand gossip and hearsay!

In attendance will be Mr John Mason Director of Taxis & Private Hire TfL and Helen Chapman Head of Business services & Development Taxi & Private Hire Directorate TfL.

The Biscuit Factory has adequate and secure parking facilities. You must produce your membership card to gain access to the meeting. Light refreshments will be served.

Be there, get involved and help bring about the long overdue changes that will shape the future of our industry!

2 thoughts on “LCDC AGM 2010

  1. JM said he is doing several things to stem and slow down applications for PH but there is no set limit.
    When planing regulations were abolished was huge rise in PH numbers that now can park on any public highway and tout.
    I suggest that PH is a business and should be treated like. Every application for PH license and PH proprietor license must include accepted full planing application to run the business. The premises must have space for number of vehicles included in the application.
    If business want to eventually expand, new planing application must be approved by the relevant council and Police etc…
    This would have a lot of desired effects, inc;
    Limit number of licenses dished out,
    Only more responsible companies would enter the market,
    Uncontrolled parking and congestion would be addressed,
    Touting by PH would be reduced due to the companies in the marked being ob better caliber.

    This seems to me to be most efficient way to get rid of rogue PH, raise the standards, protect the public and slow down entry into already over-saturated market.
    John Mason, Take me on this suggestion and you will get into history books.

    • well said Simco, There needs to be a cap on PH drivers as we are already the minority by some 3 to 1 .
      Where do they think they get their work from ?
      easy, all our work on the streets and what comes out of all the bars and clubs in the Capital.

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