Grant Davis Interviews David Cameron

Has Grant Davis just interviewed the next Prime Minister of Great Britain? See the honest and frank interview at “The Sun” website. David Cameron describes himself as an uncomplicated man passionate about his country and a keen advocate of change. Integrity being an important attribute for a leader; I would say the two leaders share similar qualities.

Click here to see Grant Davis interview David Cameron

8 thoughts on “Grant Davis Interviews David Cameron

  1. Really great set of interviews Grant. I think you really got to the man behind the politician in this one. You managed to get him to talk about his personal life and feelings, something seasoned interviewers fail at on a regular basis.
    I thought Cameron spoke with a lot of integrity. Ten out of ten, you should be proud, great interview!

  2. Well done Grant not only are you taking the trade to a new level but the club as well. lets hope we have made some new friends

  3. The country is on its knees and has been taken to the brink of bankruptcy. Your kids will be paying for the mistakes the current government have made for many years to come.
    Its hardly a wonder that most of the current Labour MP’s are not seeking re election; nothing in it for them anymore now the gravy train has been de-railed. D.C. has my vote !

  4. good reporting and made aware of some relevant points to be addressed in the future , we assume . Further tho, why did you not advise on the safety and protection afforded of a seat belt for possibly a future leader of U K .com??

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