The LCDC are to call a mass demonstration in response to licensing of Private Hire vehicles that clearly contravene the 1998 PH (London)Act. First we had harmonisation, now we have the relaxing of standards when passing PH vehicles for license. Recently a committee member was told at the Abacus nightclub by an official from the PCO that minicabs were allowed to stand and wait to be hired legally; where as Licensed Taxis were made to move on!

The situation has reached boiling point among cab drivers and assaults by PH touts and operatives on taxi drivers are becoming an every day occurrence. We can do very little in retaliation and it is commendable that cab drivers show the amount of restraint they do. Now is the time for “US ALL” working cab drivers to show the anger and frustration we feel and unite in the fight to stop this pandering to TOUTS and the PH industry in general.

Grant Davis

Chairman LCDC

Date to be confirmed.


  1. The PCO have gone from being a licensing authority to a POLICY MAKER and
    have changed the way private hire can be hired.We are now the poor relation to them.Who ever invented the satellite office at the PCO must be sacked and the policy REVERSED.

    • Well said Harold, we are the second class citizens now mate, no mistake.
      If we do not ALL sort this crap out we ar well and truly finished.

  2. I back this action and would like to be part of this but I`m not sure I`m welcome.

    I and many others have been taking back the work from abacus and all the usual targets for sometime.

    But as an RMT member I’m uncertain if I am welcomed to join your demo in the light of the recent article in ‘The badge’.

    Myself and many others have been fighting since the whole nobu thing and feel I should be part of such a demo and would be more than glad to come and support this demo.

    • Foz, there are comments all over this page including one from Grant Davis saying ALL London taxi drivers are welcome, green and yellow badges.

      Foz, I’m an LCDC member and I am inviting you and your friends as cab drivers to attend the demo. There you go mate, you now have an invitation.

      Best of luck.

  3. Well done guys. All we needed was someone with a pair of bollocks to stand up for this trade. Come on Grant lead us from the front !!!

  4. The old bill in the City actually came out and decided to work last night. They dusted the moth balls off of a hibernating police inspector. Or, actually found a copper that pertains to know something about hackney carriage law. Needless to say the scabs scattered like cockroaches !
    I saw old bill and enforcement officials taking details from a few scabs, but we all know sweet FA will come of it.

    The old bill in the City of London are a joke, nothing more than the policing wing of the village people!


  5. first we need a list of demands.give these to the pco with a time limit ,if the demands are not meet by the time limit then we have a demo . and ongoing demos till we get what we have asked for . this way the ball is in the pco s court . and we will be in a stronger place when the press report the demos

  6. i’m up for this……….as an aside to the campaign i think any leaflets that are handed out to drivers should contain wording to the effect that any driver who chooses to use the time to capitalise whilst his colleagues are fighting to protect his future should be ashamed of themselves and are no better than the touts we are objecting to!

  7. Reason for DEMONSTRATION

    Mushrooming minicab ”Offices”

    Fez Club Putney CBJ says thay PCO Allowed him to tout outside

    When I arrived at the Fez Club and observed CBJ touting I served him with PCO NOTICE 19/9 which explicitly forbids touting.

    PCO NOTICE 19/9….ight-venues.pdf

    The CBJ said that he is not touting as PCO said that they are legally allowed to operate here. He indicated with his hands roped off area outside the Club. He also said that PCO have been there to inspect them. This is contrary to PCO NOTICE 19/9 – “Private hire operators with operating centers in the late night venues” signed by Mary Dowaye and Dave Stock 08 June 2009.

    To show his contempt to the PCO rules and to the Law this CBJ is seen here tearing up the PCO NOTICE 19/9.

    Shortly after I went to Wandsworth Police Station whose ‘Safer Transport Team’ made the arrests there recently. I had suspicions that the Police did not know enough about laws governing workings of “Private hire operators with operating centers in the late night venues”. I left with them PCO NOTICE 19/9 so they could familiarize themselves with it. (I have the plan to send the same ‘NOTICE’ to the PCO).

    I have been keeping photographic record of Fez Club’s CBJ touting outside almost daily and can suggest that TOCU should pay visit there and other Clubs in Putney (Wahoo Bar and B@1) to deal with them in the manner laid out by PCO.


  8. The City Of London Police are nothing short of a disgrace when it comes to dealing with the touts that infest the square Mile night after night.

    I am at this time considering that the C.O.L be the destination for our demonstration.
    All head to Bank Junction ?

    What do you guys / ladies think ? Go to the main page to cast your vote !

    Thank you all for the support. I believe the Trade is in more danger than I have ever known….
    We must stand together and be focused and positive.

  9. It is abundantly clear to us all that the majority of the CBJ do not know the law regarding TOUTING,(criminal justice and public order act 1994 section 167) and also pay no attention to PCO NOTICES 19/09,41/08, and 42/08 they have no fear of the PCO or the police.

    The general public are getting into LPH vehicles all over the Olympic City each night in the belief that the vehicle is fully insured and that they are totally protected, how wrong can they be.

    The PCO are committed to improve safer travel at night, it is the PCO statutory duty to licence and regulate the private hire trade, and show a duty of care, public safety a priority?

    The public have well and truely been let down by these appaling standards, and they don’t even know it yet, but they will find out very soon.

  10. If you want to change something and you do it in one hit, then everybody is up in arms, if you change it piecemeal, bit by bit, slowy slowy then most people will not notice until it is to late.

    This is exactly what the powers that be are doing to the London Black Cab trade, we are suffering the death of a thousand cuts.

    We ALL Cab Drivers should have been up in arms and bringing London to a stand still a long time ago. The PCO/TFL are acting like bullies, the more they have got away with the more they push, now is the time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!

  11. At last!!! This demo has taken a long while coming…but is needed now, more than ever! I will definately attend & so should every other Cabbie, that wants the trade to have a future! The PCO / TfL have taken the P out of us, for long enough!

    Well done Grant!!!

  12. I’m the wife of a taxi driver, and i’m going to be at the demo aswell in my car to add my support.
    I hope other wives will join me as well, because enough is enough! Its not only the drivers that are affected by the touts it’s also the families that suffer too!!!!

    • Jillyg, you are right.
      If my husband cannot earn his wages any more what are we going to do ?
      Who will pay the mortage ?
      who will pay for the holidays we no longer can afford ?
      4 years of hard slog and strife on the knowledge, for what ?
      It is obvious that NO one cares about the cab drivers and their families!
      That is why…… WE MUST ALL PROTEST!


  14. So it’s just fine and dandy if the black cab trade loose money every day due to the illegal activities of the mini cab epidemic, if the demonstration was held in the city of london GOD FORBID, the money men would loose a tidy sum, and they are not going to be happy bunny’s at all.

  15. I’m up for the demo.

    Private Hire are a money spinner for a PCO and that’s why they never seem to stop giving out licences. Satellite and PHV driver licences must bring in a small fortune !

    As everyone knows, it’s a lot harder to gain a Green badge so the PCO don’t get their pockets constantly lined with a glut of Green Badge/Suburban drivers !

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