For some time now the London Cab Drivers Club(LCDC) have been fighting for tighter regulations on planning permission for where PH operators can operate from. The LCDC have been gathering video evidence to strengthen our case. This video highlights and uncovers some of the shocking locations operators are fully licensed to operate from and how they illegally go about their business.

Mr Ghualm Nabi Zandair

Of British cars on 11 little Newport St W1

And Piccadilly cars on 24 Wardour St W1

Mr Mbas Baso Ali

Of Phoenix’s cars on 27 Greek St W1.

Licence number 6296.

Mr Abukar Ali Gedi

Of Phoenix cars 3rd floor 22 Greek St

Licence number 05382

As you can see from the evidence, when we say you can open a minicab office on the 23rd floor of a tower block we are not joking. In the video you can clearly see that the operatives are working from communal doorways with nothing more than a fold up chair and a clipboard. The Operators also failed to follow the correct bookings procedures as per the existing legislation; their cars are clearly ranking illegally and are  parked on double yellow lines!

We are led to believe there are a total of 24 compliance officers working at the Public Carriage Office (PCO) and none of them are working nights on a permanent basis. At present compliance officers work a nightshift on a purely voluntary basis.

If some of the PCO compliance officers were to work nights they could gather evidence and relay the information to cab enforcement for them to attend and make arrests. This extra burden of cost should be reflected in an increase to the PH licence as this problem is being caused by both PH operatives and PH drivers.

All our evidence will be sent to the following people Westminster city council (WCC), and the (PCO)

Health and Safety:

Applicants must demonstrate that they are complying with any requirements applicable to their premises, their staff or the public.


Applicants must be able to provide evidence that they are complying with any insurance requirements especially employer’s liability.

Tony MC.

8 thoughts on “LCDC TV

  1. Great video, top drawer, what a complete embarrassment to the PCO.

    PCO standards, your having a laugh, what a joke, what type of strategy is in place here, is it the complete and utter annihilation of the black cab trade.

    Were do TFL’s legal team take there advice from, have they not looked at the White v Cubitt 1929 case, and the Gilbert v Mc Kay 1946 case, these cases have never been amended by parliament, so the results still stand.

    Who do we believe TFL’s legal team or the LORD CHIEF JUSTICE’S.

    • Well said EL CABOS. We shouldn’t lose focus what the up and coming demo is all about and send a clear, concise message to those who are responsible for screwing us over and at the same time putting the public in jeopardy. This video shows the reality of how this pariah operate!!

  2. What a complete and utter joke !
    This is acceptable to the PCO ?
    no wonder we are so angry and frustrated.

  3. pco just do not care where they have satellite offices.
    when we complain they just laugh at us.

    we need a mass demo on a grand scale, gather as much evidence as possible and send it to the tv networks on the day of the demo.
    but deep down i know it will not change a thing. they love the money they generate from minicabs.

  4. Well done Tony Mc, great work, looking forward to a huge demo to highlight the failings of the PCO

    Bring it on

  5. Where are the 60,000 mini cab drivers going to get their work from ?
    Years ago you knew what a mini cab office looked like, not now !
    As you walk up a high street and pass, two pubs, a restaurant, a couple of wine bars and they all have a sat licence, in effect you have 5 or 6 minicab offices in that street.
    No bloody wonder there are lines of minicabs everywhere, it ain`t rocket science is it !
    Bring on the demo, what have we got to lose……FA

  6. These offices are everywhere in London even in the burbs look at Tooting,There is not enough work even for them ,I suggest that something else is going on here these are dodgy people, drugs ,money laundering,Dare i say yes i will, Funding of terrorism ,I hope im wrong on this but it all seems very strange indeed . “If the public was aware of this would they use them ” good work with the filming,

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