Corporation of London Challenged

Yesterday a delegation from the three recognised trade organisations  LCDC, LTDA and Unite attended the Guildhall to deliver a message to the Corporation of London about illegal PH activity, the lack of proper law enforcement and the need for more ranks and facilities for licensed taxi drivers in the square mile.

Video courtesy of the LTDA

38 thoughts on “Corporation of London Challenged

  1. join the LDTF united cabbies demo on weds …’ll have more affect than a letter.
    The LTDF members including myself were all geared up for the Clubs demo which is long over due with assaults to cabbies from CBJ’s and the out of control behaviour of Sat offices and their touts…. but in the light that its not going ahead now have organised a in demo London every weds till we get results.

    • This demo next week is not a united cabbies demo at all. Its all RMT propaganda and cab drivers are being mugged off ! I have been asking all of the leaflet handlers who they belong to and THEY ALL SAID RMT !
      This demo was called the morning after the last RMT “love in” in Victoria.
      The RMT can’t put their monica on it because cab drivers won’t support them, so they go to the RMT fith columnists the (LTDF forum) If this demo has nothing to do with trade organisations, WHY is the RMT run Anderson shelter doing its utmost best to try and turn LCDC members with their phoney propaganda comments and postings? DEMO DEMO DEMO is RMT RMT RMT !

      • If the lcdc had the demo that they were supposed to the ltdf … Rmt…and others would have turned up to support the overdue demo our trade needs.
        For whatever reason the club have chose not to have a demo…….

        If all working cabbies don’t do something now we will sink even further into the sh-t.

        To much infighting is going to screw the trade .

        I would say there will be driver from all the unions at the demo …

        My question is why did the club change it’s mind about taking action ?

        I want a job in the future years that’s worth doing and couldn’t give a toss who is fighting the fight just as long as we try and do something.

        We had a great demo in feb 09 but not enough was done by the unions to keep the pressure on.

        Negative attitudes like plaistow hammers are why we are losing the fight …..if you care about your job be at the long overdue demo.

        I’ll be there as will others that care about there future.

        If u don’t support the demo then you can’t complain about the state of the trade.

        The club invited the ltdf to there planned demo which many of us would have turned up for.
        So a question is had the club had there demo and invited the ltdf along as they did would you have turned up ?

  2. Where is our Taxi Rank to service Abacus in Cornhill?
    I was told by LTDA representative that we are not getting it because the road is too narrow.
    Too narrow? It’s wide enough for scabs to RANK there on both sides of the road. Lets force the issue via planned protest in the City.

    • I was told by LTDA that the road outside Abacus is too narrow to put the rank there. I measured the widths of the road. Outside Abacus the road is 6′ wider than the place where the wrong rank is/was situated.
      Which Union has guts and is willing to ‘demand’ this rank, in place of parked scabs in Cornhill, Abacus?

      PS: I noticed that the rank at Cornhill that was put in wrong place and facing in the opposite direction has now been removed.

    • That’s right on the money Tc…. what’s the difference between a scab and someone that nicks articles and whatever else they can from other websites F.A.

  3. I’m proud to be a LCDC member and like other members will be supporting the demos starting next Wednesday which have been organised NOT by the RMT but by fellow cab drivers (ME INCLUDED) who have been united by our serious concerns about the future of our trade.

    Every cab driver should consider the situation we are in AND SUPPORT forgeting about what organisation you may or may not belong to.

    • This has been in the pipe line for several months but due to clash of conflictimg dates could not be organised earler.

      The problems were fully discussed on the forum snd members were asked if they were interested in getting involved and if so to put their names forward – which I did – as a LCDC member.

      It’s as simple as that.

      However, I am not so stupid as to say some of the organisers are not members of the RMT but they could easily have been members of any other trade organisation

  4. Seamus old boy, sorry to burst your bubble, but the RMT are behind this demo !

    Where on the LTDF forum was it organised ?
    Where is the thread ?

  5. Mark, where do you get your information from ?

    Are you a member of a trade organisation ?

    The in -fighting was initially caused on the LTDF forum by RMT members slagging Grant Davis. They are still doing it today. So you know where you can stick your brotherly love. Grant Davis works his arse off for the club and its members. The people attacking him are members of the LTDF forum a bunch of less than average no-marks !

    If you are not a member of the club, what gives you the right to visit our web site and tell us what we should or shouldn’t do ?

    I think you don’t like my comments because you don’t like to hear the truth ,so you slag them as negative !

    What gives you the right to tell LCDC members if they don’t support the demo they have no right to complain, you condescending prick !

    As for the LTDF forum the RMT own it !

    Have a nice day !

  6. The RMT London taxi section boast that they don’t have a paper “full of crap and adverts”. Well actually they do, the RMT union have their own paper. There is also a RMT website. Please have a look at it and see if you can find the section devoted to the London cab trade, because I can’t. The people running the RMT London taxi section are good people who have the trade at heart, so do it’s members I have spoken to. But the RMT union itself are nothing more than a communist throw back to the seventies, who couldn’t give a monkeys about the London cab trade. They’re the type of union that used to represent the dockers and the miners and the shipbuilders, remember them anyone? They’re not about anymore and if we let the RMT loose on the cab trade neither will we be. Now is not the time to be pissing off the public. BA cabin crew are doing that and have no public support. Grant and the board members at the club work hard to make sure our feelings are known. When the time is right I’m sure we’ll demo in the city where it maters. Not the aldwych where only the tourists will see a load of stationary cabs. Who’ll know the difference from any other day round there?

  7. Ok Cabby if you look under ‘General Topics’ you will see a private password protected room called ‘The Summit Room’.

    In this room are many threads where every aspect of this demo was carefully planned.

    Members who have access to this room come from ALL the unions, and some are not in anything.

    You can shout all you like about how this is an RMT demo in your vein attempt to stop people joining it, but it is futile.

    There will be thousands there, who unlike yourself care about their jobs.

    They will be ordinary drivers regardless of whether they are in a union or not.

    None of the unions (RMT included) have been consulted, invited or involved in the planning or organisation of this demo.

    The first RMT John Kennedy knew about this demo was when, like everyone else, it was announced on the forum.

    The LTDF has the power to do this alone, as you will see on Weds.

    Anyone who tries to stop this or refuses to support it will only show the rest of the trade that they do not want trade unity.

    Good luck.

    • After reading your comments on the Nissan Hut this morning I certainly want nothing to do with the likes of you and any of the others involved.

      I do value my job and unlike you, you biggoted moron, I can see further than the end of my nose ! If and when the media get hold of this latest revelation about cab drivers belonging to or supporting extremist groups like the EDL what do you think they and the competition will do ?

      Furthermore, do you think the vast majority of the major corporations who have multi racial employees will want to use licensed taxi’s after the media has added their two penny’s worth and lumps the rest of us in with the racists ? We work in a service industry, you idiot. In one fail swoop you could undo the 300 year legacy of trust and respect the public hold for the London Taxi driver !

      Ken Livingstone once said there are too many middle aged, white, anglo saxon men driving taxis that do not represent the diversity of London. Well, thanks to you and the rest of the biggoted morons; people like Livingstone will be able to add racist to that list !
      Thanks Dizzy, you are doing a great job in trying to help the licensed taxi trade in London.

      This demo is RMT based whatever propaganda you attach to it and I will never support or assist ANYONE with racist values like YOU that will damage the London cab trade !!!

    • The LTDF is an RMT forum and Dizzy removes posts and membership from anyone who he perceives as a threat to his racist right wing thuggish forum. ( gawd knows what Crow makes of this cuckoo forum in his nest. I bet Crow wished he had nothing to do with them).

      I hear that many members have disappeared without trace due to Dizzy banning them.

      I recently joined, made one post and then I was banned.


      London Taxi Drivers Forum
      « An Error Has Occurred » Hey, threadie, you have 0 messages, 0 are new.
      May 20, 2010, 8:34pm

      London Taxi Drivers Forum :: An Error Has Occurred
      An Error Has Occurred
      Sorry, but you have been banned from this forum.

      • Could not agree more Thready, it’s a forum for the few RMT members to vent their spleen against everyone and anyone.

        80% of the usual 34 posters have been driving a cab for about 8 months.

        No way will I have anything to do with any protests organised by them, I’m not risking my badge, I’ll wait on the proper ones from the united trade group.

    • Will your new found friends from the far right EDL be attending as well then Dizzy?

      Talk about chalk and cheese.

      Bob Crow will be having kittens.


      • The LTDF forum and the EDL postings have brought the Cab Trade into disrepute FACT. This crap will reflect badly on all of us, mark my words. I wont go to this demo or support the RMT or the LTDF. The forum and its moderators are a disgrace !!!

      • I warned these tossers about comments with racist overtones when I was on the LTDF forum. So they all ganged up and accused me of making anti-semitic remarks. Of cause it wasn’t true. They were talking about a dress code, but what they were describing was a Nazi uniform and I told them so……..Banned from the forum by guess who ? Yep, the one and only Dizzy !

        Anyone thinking of joining either this demo or the LTDF forum need their brains testing. We have been mugged off by the generation in control of the radio circuits. Here comes the next generation of wanabees mugging off cab drivers with propaganda and BS.

        If it walks like a duck, swims on water like a duck and quacks like a duck. You won’t be surprised to find what I am describing is a duck !

        So, if someone talks like RMT, associates mainly with RMT, wears a green lanyard around their neck and hands out fliers at train stations. What do you think they might belong to and are really promoting ?
        WAKE UP !

    • Ok Cabby if you look under ‘General Topics’ you will see a private password protected room called ‘The Summit Room’.

      A room where only carefully selected RMT sympathisers are admitted !

      How many of those given access to this room wear green lanyards and how many don’t ?

      Come on EDL DIZZY, cat got yer tongue ?

  8. Visitors are more than welcome to leave comments. However, statements designed to undermine the LCDC will not be posted. Especially those that are written by people that openly admit they are not affiliated to ANY trade organisation ! Some should look in the dictionary for the definitions of comment, essay and dissertation.

    Thank you,

    Not Grant Davis, who incidentally, has NEVER administrated a comment on this website !

  9. I asked recently if the LTDF would stop sending me Emails which I believe is RMT literature. All I asked for was them to stop sending me the Emails. I have now been kicked off of the forum.
    LTDF freedom of speech only if you don’t attack the RMT.

  10. I was going to attend the demo on Weds, as I believe the trade is under threat like never before, but, I am sad to say that as a cab driver with a son who has married into a family with muslim members, I will not attend.
    To stand shoulder to shoulder with these racists make me feel ashamed.

    • Dizzy, in my opinion you are not a fit and proper person to be a cab driver! You will get your comeuppance and I hope it comes firstly from Bob Crow kicking you out of the RMT. The LTDF forum and what you allow to take place on it is a disgrace to the whole cab trade !

      You and some of the others you associate with may be badge holders, but you are certainly not worthy of the title cab driver. You do realise because of your actions the green lanyard of the RMT will now be looked on as the lanyard of shame !

  11. No way.

    No chance.

    Not a hope it hell.

    Never ever ever in my name.

    Let the loonies block the aldwych all day, whilst the 300 EDL mambers sit there, I’ll be out working.

    They’re turning into the lunatic fringe slowly but surely.

  12. I did the knowledge 4 years ago and my calling over partner is a black guy, who liked me worked at the Post Office.
    What a disgrace those postings are to us all.
    Dizzy, more like Dozzy to me.
    Errol informs me when he sees a driver with his green and yellow laynard on he is going to ask him if he is Dizzy.! so they can have a chat

  13. do you know what…….what’s the point ?

    We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure this demo had nothing to do with trade politics or trade organisations. We’ve put a lot of time and money into this to try and ensure that WE as cabbies have a future and our work is not lost to touts night after night…………..and still some members of the trade want to cause problems rather than see the trade improved.

    I give up!

    • Acabbie = RMT

      The bulk of the organisers are 98%= RMT

      The funds are raised on the RMT run LTDF forum = RMT

      You were slagging this website this morning on the Anderson Shelter, playing the victim and not telling the whole truth ! A major RMT tactic is to lay the guilt trip on drivers, a ploy YOU love to use.

      You are totally ignoring the fact that some of the people you are involved with organising this demo are the very people damaging the cab trade by aligning themselves with the EDL !

      Part of the reason you called this demo was to undermine the LCDC because they refused to officially invite the RMT to the demo they announced. So please stop with the bullshit about it being 100% cab trade issues. You and 97% others involved are mugging cab drivers off with your lies. 98% of you are well known RMT members and activists for the cause.

      ps. The LCDC member you have been desperately trying to turn these last few days is well known to me !

    • All seems strange to me acabbie. Is the LTDF’s main guy’s reason from dissociating this demo from RMT London Branch is that you would only get about 80 drivers turn up. And half of them would be yellow badges ( half of RMT Membership). Fine advert for the RMT in that you are now too frightened and have to overtly claim a disassociation, either that or the RMT think that RMT Dizzy is a loose cannon and is much to hot to make an association.


      • Hi Victor, with respect and i hope you will appreciate i can’t answer for others.

        Myself. I have always attended demos regardless of who has organised them and i’ve also organised hits on venues in the past with a clear intention of not doing it in the name of any trade body i’ve belonged to. I’ve never got involved to any real depth with any trade org and i’ve never flown the flag for any i’ve been a member of. It has nothing to do with embarrassment or claims to disassociation but i’d rather try and keep my focus on the issues and not get dragged down with inter trade bickering or get vilified myself for doing something to improve my working conditions.

        I know 2 people who have now been assaulted by the touts, i too have had to put up with aggressive behaviour outside the club in Ken high St (name escapes me) and had abuse thrown my way. I’m not on my own, members from all trade orgs have had to put up with it and frankly as a trade we need to say enough is enough.

        I hope i’ve clarified my position on this. What people choose to believe is down to them.

        Best wishes.

  14. So, as suspected, about 200 Taxis slow the traffic up on the Aldwych for 2 hours.

    Dozzy says ‘thousands will attend’ and anyone who works will be some sort of ‘scab’.

    Well I make it about 99.7 % of the trade are ‘scabs’

    I guess I and the other 24’800 drivers will have to live with that.

    Don’t know if I can sleep tonight now.

  15. I will say it again for the benefit of of the preachers out there.

    Comments are welcome on the LCDC blog. Dissertations, essays and sermons WILL NOT BE POSTED. This is the LCDC website and blog. NOT a platform to launch your own agendas from. Comment means “a short paragraph” If you wish to have a lengthy rant, join a forum. There are some out there that will cater for your needs whatever the content.

    Thank you,

    PS. Not Grant Davis. He occasionally posts or makes statements here. However, he is not the administrator and never has been !

  16. ok cabby……

    John Mason going on radio as acknowledging that the PCO could do more to eradicate the touting is not seen as a benefit to the trade ? I’d say that’s a good result for us (the trade) so far!

    I was organising hits on the clubs over a year ago when i was in another trade org, i guess that made it ok and me a fighter for our trade. Now i belong to a different trade org and i do the same things i did a year ago but it now makes me devisive ? All the hits i ever organised were never done under the auspices of any trade org, and believe what you like but yesterday was done with the best intentions. tomorrow i may join yet another trade org, will that make me alright again ? Frankly i don’t want to be a member of any trade org if this what it entails!

    Incidentally you suggest it was to undermine others efforts……….just so you know, when it was announced by the club i posted numerous times in support of it and would gladly lend my support even now….it’s called putting the trade first! I don’t give a flying fig who gets credit for what, who gets the kudos and who does all the back slapping! If i as a driver benefit from any action taken by anyone to my trades advantage then i’m 100% behind it! Is that so damn difficult for you to comprehend ?

    As a matter of interest (well not that interesting) i’ve looked at the dates when we were discussing the demo and began organising it and the first post i have found is dated the 4th March 2010. This is in a section of the forum that LCDC members also have access to………just ask them and they will confirm the dates……so no one was trying to undermine peoples efforts!

    I wasn’t slagging this forum, any site that gives drivers a voice is a good thing, i just took umbrage that not all my comments were being posted but that is at the moderators discretion.

    You mention the “people i’m involved with” in regards organising the demo. I’m assuming you mean the 2 mentioned regards the EDL……….what about the other 17 who also took part in getting it to fruition ? Members of different trade orgs (and no, i have no idea what they follow politically) who again CAN see the bigger picture!

    Regards me being an “activist”? please. I’m as much an activist as Citizen Smith was! I’ve been to 2 RMT organised demos: the first for the killer on the knowledge and the 2nd for taxi drivers to have the right to use toilets in London without fear of getting fined………..hardly damaging to the trade i’d hope you would agree ?

    Now in respect of trying to “turn your mate” wtf!!! This is the taxi trade not cold war Russia ffs! Ask “your mate” where we first met. If he can recall he will tell you that it was at one of the hits that he organised last year on movida that i went along to support. We then met a few different times at different venues where either i or someone else had organised the hit………including the hit on OXO after that guy got locked up. I was on the understanding that we got along fine as we’ve never had a crossed word and occasionally chat on the phone. Maybe i’m naive but i take as i find and he seems a genuine chap who like me wants to get this filth off our steets.

    He has my number.

    good bye!

    • Ok, Half Pint, have it your way. This comment is 614 words long, which is longer than the average media article. I will do this one time and one time only for you. But, I have a feeling you are going to get Mullered!


    • Actually, acabbie you think you are a fighter. But in actual fact you are just a small man with an over inflated ego. I think you actually fall for all that back slapping and virtual blow jobs you guys give each other on the LTDF forum.
      I never hear you asking for trade unity and a cease to hostilities when your new found Rmt bully-boy friends are handing it out to whoever their victim of the week may be. But, it’s an altogether different story when they are on the receiving end. Every time…. you start with your trade unity guilt trip BS and moaning on the internet how this activity is counter productive to the cause ! Blah, blah blah, give it a rest !

      You have been a little economical with the truth regarding the recent biggest little demo London has seen. In fact I am accusing you of being a liar ! I have been reliably informed that Your offered support to the LCDC was built around a premise of recognition for the Rmt and an official invite for taxi branch to the clubs proposed demo and that is why your comments were not posted. The Rmt have been actively seeking sympathisers from within the ranks of the LCDC membership, in an attempt to undermine the club and you damn well know it. At least 3 different individuals have attempted to glean information from this club member recently. He is a decent person that finds it difficult to lie to people he respects and I feel you have tried to take advantage of him. I don’t like people that try to take advantage of my friends !

      Who was the major player and organiser of the Aldwych demo ?

      Let me give you a clue. He is an administrator on a forum, he supports the EDL, drives a TX4 with a 58 plate, he ranks right up there with TtT and John the cabby in the hierarchy of the Rmt. He is also the biggest censor since Mary Whitehouse. Which incidentally, I have never seen you raise complaint as either a member or moderator about the way he has censored 100′s of posts. Or, to the distasteful vile content of some of the threads. But then again, if its for the greater good of the cause, why rock the boat, eh Steth !

      All of the above facts were omitted and hidden from the trade when you were selling the demo as non-Rmt. “Independent of the Rmt, my arse!” If more drivers were aware of the facts, you would have had less than the 300 drivers that actually turned up !

      If you want trade unity, how about standing up and condemning the activities of the Anderson Shelter and the people associated with running it. Also you might want to condemn the ongoing subversive activities and propaganda of the Rmt London Taxi Branch !

      It’s going to take an awful lot of hard work to undo the damage the current Rmt Taxi Branch incumbents have caused to the hope for unity within the trade organisations. Lets see if you have what it takes. Because frankly NONE of your so called Rmt leaders have either the inclination, intention or hope of achieving this !

      Now if you are serious about unity and recognition, clean up your act and bloody well earn it the hard way like every other trade organisation had to!

      AND GROW UP !

  17. Right that’s it folks. I’m stepping in to stop this blood-letting.

    You have all had a fair bite of the cherry. So all of you RMT nobs with hooky email address’s sod off to forum or the Anderson Shelter. “Yes I’m all you say and more!”

    This comment section is now locked down and closed !
    Thank you,

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