PCO Notice 15/10


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6 thoughts on “PCO Notice 15/10

  1. Within venues?
    Alley off Maiden Lane ‘operating center’ still exist.
    Also the CBJs now operate from cars parked outside several venues.
    There is no way to stop this unlawfulness other than a ban and zero tolerance.
    Secondly, Operators employing staff that are found touting, will loose his license.
    Does it mean that the Operator will loose his license if Minicab drivers working for him are seen touting for the Operator or for themselves? Right!

  2. Have some patience.

    No one’s going to wave a magic wand and solve this overnight. It’ll take years to get it right.

    Some consultation with the united trade bodies this time round would help Mr Mason, we could have told you it was going to be abused from day one.

  3. Only comments accompanied with a valid email address will be considered for posting.

    Thank you,

    Not Grant Davis, Daryl Cox, Tony Gillam, Russell Wilson, The Caretaker or even uncle Tom Cobley. Some of them leave comments here. However, none of them are the administrator !

    Feel free to post this on the Anderson Shelter.

  4. Looks like John Mason’s a bit smarter than some people would have you believe. He obviously knows the the difference between a socialist and a sociopath !

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