DDA Review Results TfL

TfL announced late last year that it would undertake a DDA Review in relation to accessibility of London’s taxis by users of larger wheelchairs. Below is a brief overview of what will be published very soon.

TfL recently completed their comprehensive review of the disability and accessibility issues facing passengers using London taxis. The review clearly identified that increasing disability awareness among drivers would eliminate a lot of the current issues faced by disabled passengers. TfL will consult with all London taxi drivers to introduce disability awareness training. TfL will also introduce an improved complaints procedure that will make it easier for passengers with disabilities to provide customer feedback. TfL say they will continue to work closely with disability groups to monitor the effect of the mandatory driver training and the revised customer complaints procedure. TfL say they committed to providing a high standard of service to all its passengers.

Whilst TfL had hoped to complete this review by the end of  March; unfortunately it took longer than they originally expected. A full report will be published very soon.

Further to this report the LCDC have been informed that TfL will not be reviewing  the “CoF” (Conditions of Fitness) and the requirement for a turning circle will remain unchanged.

5 thoughts on “DDA Review Results TfL

  1. Its good news that the COF (turning circle) will not be reviewed and will not open up the flood gates for alternative style taxis, keeping our iconic shape.

    Now lets hope LTi get their act together and give us a taxi that does exactly what it says on the tin !

  2. Neil, who will pay for this court battle of yours ? Many will want a court action, but NONE will cough up for it….. most cab drivers are tighter than a ducks A/hole !

  3. Taxi drivers won’t have to pay a penny for any court action. Allied Vehicles (Cab Direct) who convert the E7 and the M8 took Liverpool City Council to court and won hands down. The PCO, as much as they like to think they are, are not exempt from the same ruled case.

    They’ll do the same down here.

    I heard the same arguements over this ‘iconic’ shape when the Metrocab came out, when the new shaped TX came out, when the Mercedes came out, and I’m sure older drivers will tell similar stories about Beardmores, Winchesters, FX’s etc. Do any of these lads suffer an income problem? Nope, in fact it seems the Merc lads are doing very well out of their new vehicles.

    We need a choice. We need a reliable choice. The TX4 is awful, just spend a day in the M&O waiting room if anyone doubts what I say, you have to see it to believe it sometimes. Fault after fault after fault, and they just announced last week the TX4 is here to stay for years to come. Great. Marvellous, a heap of crap forever more.

    So once again we’ll see hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted by TFL trying to keep their bed mates from LTI in business, instead of allowing fair competition.

    80% of all traffic in London survive without the COF, so will our new vehicles.

    I’ll never buy another LTI product again.

  4. Maybe, it will be decided that it goes down to choice. If you want a merc with or without the turning circle, then buy it !
    I for one will never buy the “plumbers van” or the E7…rubbish.
    if LTI got their act together, better service, cheaper product then yeah, I`ll stay with them.
    But I have driven the merc and liked it very much.

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