John Mason TfL

As you may have read in this edition of The Badge, in our last formal Taxi and Private Hire Notice we set out TfL’s position in response to some major concerns of the trade. these concerns have been well-voiced since I came in to post, especially by the LCDC, the LTDA and Unite in our formal discussions. “In particular, the notice outlined the action we have already taken and the actions we will be taking to tackle these issues going forward.

I’m not going to bore you with statistics and figures about the number of officers, arrests and convictions for touting, as I know this is of no consolation when many of you are out every night and don’t feel you are seeing an improvement to the situation. I really would like to assure all of you that we are not complacent in any way to the problems that you are faced with each day. I do know the strength of feeling there is in the trade on issues like satellite offices, touting and enforcement as they have been at the top of every agenda of every single meeting and discussion I have had with Grant and the other associations. It’s quite clear that you’ve simply had enough and you want action and that is what my team and I intend to deliver.

“Whatever the reason for the expansion of satellite offices, it is quite clear that the time is right to take stock and fully review the situation and as part of this process will be a consultation in August on various proposals and initiatives on addressing many of the concerns that both the private hire and taxi trade have with the licensing of private hire drivers, vehicles and operators.

” I am afraid will not be solved overnight and regardless of what you may hear we can not simply close down all the satellite offices. Nor can we take legal action, revoke licenses or take court action unless we collect all the required evidence in accordance in accordance with with the relevant criminal evidence acts. This will ensure that we can secure convictions and defend challenges. I can assure that we simply will not rest until we have cracked these issues and we rid our streets of illegal touting.”

John Mason.

Director of Taxi and Private Hire TfL.

5 thoughts on “John Mason TfL

  1. John must see that we need action more than words. Even if it was the case of Ed Thompson, like the last govt always blaming the tories for the mess, John needs to get a grip of this situation…

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