4 thoughts on “The Badge June 2010

  1. We should name and shame our own so called London Taxi Marshalls, who take the 30 bits of silver, who are they, where are they, why would they do such a dirty low, below the belt, outrageous, disloyal, untrustworthy, stab in the back,sly,underhand type of behaviour on the Taxi trade, this is OUTRAGEOUS.

  2. Once again it is our own that stabs us in the back.
    we need to open our eyes and like Grant says drivers have to have a long hard look in the mirror

  3. What a joke.! how much more are we going to take from these bunch of judas`s.
    I For one will let them know what I feel about them when I pull onto one of their ranks.

  4. Hope com cab get their knuckles wrapped for taking the piss out of the drivers who make them their profit. Then more fools the drivers who keep paying them the subs. That help them feed the work to the mini cabs.

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