Electric Tuk Tuks are Back !

Electric Tuk Tuks are set for an unwanted return to the capitals streets in September in a two-week promotional free ride scheme.
The streets are already congested with Rickshaws plying for hire illegally and making getting in around
london a nightmare as they do not adhere to traffic and road regulations.
Now we get the Bigger brother of this form of transport trying to bully its way onto the market .
This will be a free ride around the west end on a pre determined route Click here to see the route what is also worrying is they state “After this route we want to expand all over central London.
Now how long will it be before the rickshaw riders will want to try and push the authorities who have not got no control of this trade and will want to try out electric tuk tuks of their own !
They also state ” Not all Londoners are able to take full advantage of the transport opportunities that London offers.
The London Zity helps with the growing demand for transportation in central London.
TFL got rid of the much-loved ROUTEMASTER over concerns for health and safety and the lack of wheelchair accessibility.

Well I would like to see a disabled customer in a wheelchair take full advantage of your free ride scheme as I cannot see space in the Tuk Tuk for a wheelchair !

 And whats more worrying is the Dutch Government chose to subsidise this kind of transport and even implement it into their own Transport system .

So is this the angle this company are coming from introduce it .

And if its successful let’s go cap in hand to Boris and TFL to subsidise this venture throughout London as they state on there website.

Well I think you might be a little too late as I think you will find the cupboard is bare !

Click here for link to zity website

The Olympic Network Route and Paralympic Route Network

This morning we are publishing plans that will help ensure that London keeps moving during the 2012 Games. A key element of the Transport Plan for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is both the Olympic Route Network and Paralympic Route Network (ORN/PRN). This is a network of roads that will be used for moving athletes, officials and other members of the Games Family between their accommodation and venues, which will be essential to the success of the Games. 

Please find attached a link to the ‘On time’ document that explains how the ORN and PRN will work during the Games in 2012. Ahead of further consultation, this document sets out the location and extent of the route network that will help people who are essential to the Games get to their venues, whilst ensuring millions of Londoners are able to go about their business with as little disruption as possible.

The document can be downloaded here: www.london2012.com/publications. If you require any further information, please contact our engagement team at orn@london2012.com

 The LCDC have just seen these routes for the first time and for what we can see on first looks is it does not look good for anyone to get around .

Rickshaw Musher’s in London !

A rapist, benefit cheats ,black market labour, this is not a roll call at one of her majesty’s prisons this is an industry that is out of control in the best city in the world and the police and the authorities are trying to bring in a voluntary registration  to control this madness.

And we are now told that their are owner drivers that are buying rickshaws  off the internet and driving them into town in the back of transit vans and going to work. It was always widely believed that riders of rickshaws was signing on and claiming benefits and working at the same time.

 The London cab drivers club (LCDC) can now confirm that this is true. The (LCDC) went under cover and have now obtained video evidence to confirm this; we now feel the time has come to abolish these death traps from our streets NOW. Watch this space for the rickshaws benefit scam coming soon!

So now can someone explain to me how a voluntary registration is going to stop this free for all?

 Rickshaws ranking up and touting out side every venue in London, does all this sound familiar they said” that if we license all minicabs in London it will stop all the touting and plying for hire because they will have to much to lose “WRONG !     

Rickshaws can be bought on E-Bay for around £1500.00    



14 illegal PH drivers arrested in weekend operation

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Cab Enforcement Unit, part of the Transport for London (TfL) funded Safer Transport Command (STC), made 14 arrests during a covert operation overnight on Thursday 15 July and Saturday 17 July 2010.

The Cab Enforcement Unit officers patrolled touting hotspots in central London locations such as the Haymarket and in Camden.

They dealt with illegal cab activity including touting involving both licensed and unlicensed drivers, illegal plying for hire, and illegal operators / clipboard operators. This is not only to ensure compliance with regulations but most importantly to enhance the safety of the travelling public.

Officers used specialist undercover tactics to catch touts red handed. The operation was not only successful in arresting illegal touts, but also acquired valuable intelligence.

Cab Enforcement operations are carried out on a regular basis in line with current intelligence on touting behaviour. More than a dozen operations have taken place in the last two months to tackle illegal cabs and touting across London. This is in addition to the undercover patrols that take place every virtually every night of the week.

They also cooperate with clubs and late night venues to crack down on the touts who operate in these areas, ensure licensed operators operating from venues are complying with regulations.

Since 2003 the Cab Enforcement Unit has made more than 6,000 arrests for touting and cab-related offences.

Chief Superintendent Royle, Safer Transport Command said:

“We are working together with our policing partners to keep London moving safely by driving down crime and the fear of crime even further.

“Illegal cabs and touting undermines the legitimate cab trade and puts the travelling public at risk.

“The Safer Transport Command is committed to tackling illegal cab activity and will continue to target offenders through our regular cab enforcement activities.

“The safety of the public is paramount and I would advise everyone not to get into any vehicle that they have not booked through a licensed operator.”

Steve Burton, Director of Community Safety Enforcement and Policing, said: “Touts pose a serious threat to those who use them and Londoners should remember that only black cabs can be stopped and picked up off the street without being booked. By booking your minicab you’ll ensure a record of your trip is kept and in the event of any problems the driver will be traced.

“These positive results show that we continue to clamp down on illegal cab drivers and touts should be reminded that the Safer Transport Command is out there and will use all the necessary tactics to catch them.”