TfL Notice 19/10

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2 thoughts on “TfL Notice 19/10

  1. In this new publication which I nay add is not legally binding as it is just a set if guidelines, it now seems that PHV’s can have full rear screen adverts containing their name, tele phone number and web address.
    Under the private hire act if 1998 it clearly states that no PHV may carry any firm if advertising fir it’s own serves’s.
    How has the UTG allowed this to happen
    Surely Mr Oddy told the other members if the UTG that this was on the horizon.

    What are the club going to do about this apparent disregard if the Private Hire Act.

  2. P.C.O. Notices nothing but tosh,what ever happened to P.C.O. notice 19/09?

    19/09 P.C.O. Notice, is in my opinion, the equivalent to Neville Chamberlains 1938 peace agreement with Germany, NO MORE APPEASEMENT.

    Why is the LAW not being enforced now, what are we waiting for God damm it?

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