8 thoughts on “The Badge Online – July

  1. Ha bloody ha. Stick that in your pipe Brian Rice and Alan. After reading Dialacabs Callsign on line alarm bells were already ringing before Grant and Darryl’s responses. Anyone who has had dealings with Rice knows he isn’t backward in coming forward and Fisher is a puppet who knows where his bread is buttered. So often the LCDC are acused of being trouble makers and s..t stirrers but by the actions of this two you can see that they’re getting rattled.
    Also how great that the Badge now can be stored and viewed in my iBooks library. Rumour has it that Dialacabs Jonathan Winterburn is trying to sort this out for their Callsign mag and they will be copying us soon !

  2. I came off DIAL A SCAB 2 years ago…no work, no manners, and no bloody idea either. They run a whole floor booking cars and drivers on the circuit are waiting like mugs on the fins for a local crap job. Its a
    shame the majority of drivers on there cannot see any further than the bonnet on their taxi.

  3. Who would have thought that your own would be putting our work into scabs. MR RICE YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR THAT SUNTAN.

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