Rickshaw Musher’s in London !

A rapist, benefit cheats ,black market labour, this is not a roll call at one of her majesty’s prisons this is an industry that is out of control in the best city in the world and the police and the authorities are trying to bring in a voluntary registration  to control this madness.

And we are now told that their are owner drivers that are buying rickshaws  off the internet and driving them into town in the back of transit vans and going to work. It was always widely believed that riders of rickshaws was signing on and claiming benefits and working at the same time.

 The London cab drivers club (LCDC) can now confirm that this is true. The (LCDC) went under cover and have now obtained video evidence to confirm this; we now feel the time has come to abolish these death traps from our streets NOW. Watch this space for the rickshaws benefit scam coming soon!

So now can someone explain to me how a voluntary registration is going to stop this free for all?

 Rickshaws ranking up and touting out side every venue in London, does all this sound familiar they said” that if we license all minicabs in London it will stop all the touting and plying for hire because they will have to much to lose “WRONG !     

Rickshaws can be bought on E-Bay for around £1500.00    



13 thoughts on “Rickshaw Musher’s in London !

  1. How much more can we take. Mr mason and Boris it is about time you stepped in and stop these bikes before someone is killed.

  2. Bit of a u-turn for the club
    As the UTG have never tried to object, or overturn the legislation that has been bought before the house of commons, most taxi drivers assumed that they were in favour of voluntary registration. In fact Oddy has said on many occasions this would be a good move.
    This new avenue will add fuel to the belief that there I’d a widening gap emerging in the United Trade Group.
    More evident is the recent photo in the Taxi where Grant is missing.

    Are we to look forward to an independent club?
    Personally I feel the membership will rise dramatically if this is the case.

  3. You ask how a voluntary registration scheme is supposed to control the misdemeanours of rickshaw riders? The answer is it isn’t and that is not the objective of the scheme. If you read the minutes of TFL’s Surface Transport Panel you will understand the reason for the scheme and that is for it to fail.

    Until they have attempted all avenues open to them and failed to control rickshaws, they cannot make a plea for legislation that will licence them, unless they do so at their own cost in what would be a very costly and drawn-out business.

    The scheme needs to be with-drawn without trial if we are to ultimately get rickshaws banned. If the scheme runs and is a success, rickshaws will be accepted without full licensing. If the scheme fails, it opens the door to full licensing.

    We have to wake up to this danger fellas.

  4. The bike hire scheme has been long time in planning and has achieved spectacular results.
    Now you can’t move through the Capital’s streets due to it’s success.

    Well done Bojo.

    • Licensing does not make very much difference London Minicabs, unless there is adequate enforcement that accompanies it.

      You need look no further than taxi and private hire licensing. Taxi drivers are pretty much self-enforcing as they hold a valuable licence that they are unlikely to put in jeopardy.

      A private hire license,. by comparison, is worth virtually nothing. It is also human nature that PH drivers will push the boundaries beyond what they are licensed for in the quest for more work and money. With no incentive to self-enforce, only strong enforcement by the authorities will stop constant infringement of the rules.

      In many ways, lack of adequate enforcement (the situation that currently exists within the PH system), is more harmful than an unlicensed trade because licensing gives the public a false sense of security.

      So, on this basis, all that licensing rickshaws would achieve would be to make enforcement of PH licence regulations even weaker while making the use of a rickshaw no safer. So, unless that is why you support rickshaw licensing, there is nothing to be gained from licensing them.

      Just another bunch of wannabe taxi drivers; get rid of them altogether.

  5. Has the LCDC done a U turn on rickshaws.? r.vygus what was the LCDC`s position before then.? I am confused as I always thought the Club never wanted them licensed.?
    maybe i am wrong.

  6. What part of “we now feel the time has come to abolish these death traps from our streets” NOW is confusing you. Cant see a u turn in that sentence.

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