The Olympic Network Route and Paralympic Route Network

This morning we are publishing plans that will help ensure that London keeps moving during the 2012 Games. A key element of the Transport Plan for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is both the Olympic Route Network and Paralympic Route Network (ORN/PRN). This is a network of roads that will be used for moving athletes, officials and other members of the Games Family between their accommodation and venues, which will be essential to the success of the Games. 

Please find attached a link to the ‘On time’ document that explains how the ORN and PRN will work during the Games in 2012. Ahead of further consultation, this document sets out the location and extent of the route network that will help people who are essential to the Games get to their venues, whilst ensuring millions of Londoners are able to go about their business with as little disruption as possible.

The document can be downloaded here: If you require any further information, please contact our engagement team at

 The LCDC have just seen these routes for the first time and for what we can see on first looks is it does not look good for anyone to get around .

4 thoughts on “The Olympic Network Route and Paralympic Route Network

    • Neil it’s becoming more apparent that the authorities are not bothered how every day londoners will go about there working day come the start of the games.

  1. By looking at the mess Seb and Co are going to make they will have to give out free running trainers with every ticket sold.
    Thats the only way our customers are going to get there in time.
    Maybe we should go on holiday and rent our gaffs out to make ends meet.
    Your not going to earn a penny in traffic.
    Maybe Bo Jo’s hoping they will use his new bikes scheme?
    Thats if they have not all been nicked by then !

  2. The B.M.W. sponsored olympic cars that can use the special lanes to the olympic venues, lets hope that they do not belong to a private hire company.

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