Electric Tuk Tuks are Back !

Electric Tuk Tuks are set for an unwanted return to the capitals streets in September in a two-week promotional free ride scheme.
The streets are already congested with Rickshaws plying for hire illegally and making getting in around
london a nightmare as they do not adhere to traffic and road regulations.
Now we get the Bigger brother of this form of transport trying to bully its way onto the market .
This will be a free ride around the west end on a pre determined route Click here to see the route what is also worrying is they state “After this route we want to expand all over central London.
Now how long will it be before the rickshaw riders will want to try and push the authorities who have not got no control of this trade and will want to try out electric tuk tuks of their own !
They also state ” Not all Londoners are able to take full advantage of the transport opportunities that London offers.
The London Zity helps with the growing demand for transportation in central London.
TFL got rid of the much-loved ROUTEMASTER over concerns for health and safety and the lack of wheelchair accessibility.

Well I would like to see a disabled customer in a wheelchair take full advantage of your free ride scheme as I cannot see space in the Tuk Tuk for a wheelchair !

 And whats more worrying is the Dutch Government chose to subsidise this kind of transport and even implement it into their own Transport system .

So is this the angle this company are coming from introduce it .

And if its successful let’s go cap in hand to Boris and TFL to subsidise this venture throughout London as they state on there website.

Well I think you might be a little too late as I think you will find the cupboard is bare !

Click here for link to zity website

7 thoughts on “Electric Tuk Tuks are Back !

  1. How much more can our roads and city take this is madness.I would like to know who gave this the go ahead. BO JO your turning out to be mad like Ken.

  2. Jesus, what a joke. Maybe we need to swap our cabs for a horse and a hansom cab again….the green tossers would love it.?

  3. Tuk Tuks?
    The great plague of London,
    The fire of London,
    The London blitz,
    And the final nail in the coffin Transport for London, I hope you people feel proud, Olympic City, more like crimewatch valley.

  4. This free scheme is in September which is after the consultation the cab trade is having in August. So there is still time for this to be stopped by TFL. If not it will be time for Grant to get the Club and the rest of the Cab trade out in force on a regular basis until it is stopped. The consultation in August should give us the answers we want on this and a lot of other issues.

  5. 3rd world London with a 3rd world police force who still do not know the law, and the law is

    The Criminal Justice and Public order act 1994 section 167 = TOUTING.

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