“Will They , Won’t They” Private Hire & Courier On The Viano.

The London Cab Drivers Club ask’s for LTPH to phase out Vitos and Vianos from the Private Hire sector as the look like London Taxis !
Can the public really tell the difference between the Vito Taxi and the Vito or Viano that’s licensed as a Private Hire Vehicle from the side ?

We have been told by they those in authority in (TFL) that their legal team have looked at the legislation and it does not apply because the taxi vito as a For Hire light on the top and a plate on the back.

When asked if I took my plate off the back of my TX II and the light off the top would you then licence it as a Private Hire Vehicle the answer was no because it’s a taxi,well sorry I think you just made us right THANKS.

Seems the clubs questionnaire is still making waves the following article was taken from the Sept issue of Private Hire & Courier.

PHC hopes the a lack of response from Transport Of London (TFL) about possible restrictions on vehicles used by private hire drivers is simply a delay in communication and not a stalling tactic because of bad news it wants to leave to the last minute. The magazine sent an email to TfL on August 16 requesting that it confirm or deny a rumour that taxi drivers are trying to ʻpersuade ʼ the regulator to stop the private hire trade using Mercedes Viano or similar lookalike vehicles. But at the time of going to press, no such reply had been received.
There may well be an innocent reason for the lack of response, as emails can go astray for many reasons, but the London private hire trade needs to to know if TfL is thinking of stopping drivers using some MPV-style vehicles.
The issue first came to light last month when the London Cab Drivers Club sent out an email questionnaire to trade-related companies.

One question in particular appeared to want support for a point of view that would lead to TfL banning private hire from using vehicles that were also used by the London taxi trade – eg: the Mercedes Viano. This would be an outrage and a complete restraint of trade.
The Viano is popular with the black cabs but that is not a reason to stop private hire drivers using them, especially as they were licensed for the private hire industry first. PHC must stress that all of this is just a rumour but it is already starting to spook private hire drivers in the industry.

Les rang PHC on his way to buy a new Viano and was worried that his vehicle might be banned at some point in the future. “The Viano is the first vehicle on my list but if this all goes pear-shaped then Iʼm only left with the VW Caravelle. “Itʼs a bit of a con though, as private hire were using the vehicle long before they had even thought of doing a taxi version.”
PHC will let you know as soon as TfL replies. Hopefully it will see sense and refuse to bow to black cab pressure to stop the trade using Vianos or any other MPV-style vehicles

Last Night at the Grosvenor House


Late last night both myself and Danny Sullivan received a phone call stating that Addison lee was ” touting”  outside the Grosvenor House Hotel Park lane  for the second night running. On my arrival, It looked like the event was coming to a close  but there were still a number of  delegates  milling about  inside and outside the Hotel lobby. These delegates were attending a function being hosted  by Barclay’s bank. They were easily identified by the fact that they were all wearing Barclays Bank lanyard around their necks.

I walked around  both lobby’s  and I must admit I did not see a booking desk in any part of the hotel , and there did not seem to be anything going on untoward.

 I then went outside and stood with the Addison Lee marshalls on Park Lane who were  approaching people who had attended the Barclay’s Bank function and were asking  them if  they needed a Barclay’s account car.

Danny Sullivan had spoken to the events organisers outside on Park Lane whilst this was going on, and was informed that  Addison Lee had been pre- booked  months  ago to take these  delegates home on the Barclays acount.

If this is true then this no different to what the Licensed Taxi  radio circuits do when they have been booked for a function.

But however if those customers who were taken home then had to pay cash at the end of their  journey  Addison Lee could maybe be guilty of  touting on a grand scale.

 We have asked the LT&PH to launch a full investigation and ask Addison Lee for all their booking records.

Tony Mc & Danny Sullivan



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Paddington Station Rank on Bishops Bridge

Yesterday the LCDC, Unite and LTDA was informed by TFL that they would be suspending the inside part of the rank on Bishop Bridge to allow buses to park on at night.The request was made after residents from Westbourne Terrace complained of the noise pollution after the buses were moved there from Eastbourne terrace while the roadworks take place.
At no time was anyone consulted from the trade on this matter TFL took it upon themselves to suspened the rank after making a Thursday night and a weekend observation that the Bishops Bridge rank wasn’t used that much after 10 o’clock.So after a few nights observation TFL assume the rank is not used very much maybe they should have turned up on a Monday night the picture would have probaly been a lot different. So the proposal was for the 25 rank spaces to be suspended from 10pm to 6am 7 days a week.
After talks with TFL and LTPH and members from the LCRC the times have now been changed to 11pm to 5.30am. We are still pushing for a later start as we feel the buses could park on the Harrow Rd and move up on the rank after the last train as arrived at Paddington. We are awaiting a press release from LTPH regarding what will happen tonight and this will be under review. We need to know what will happen in the coming months if it’s not busy and we require the ranks space on the bridge. We will post LTPH press release regarding Paddington when it arrives.

View Grant Davis (LIVE) On The Politics Show In 2008

Please view Grant Davis the chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club (LIVE) on the politics show back in 2008.

Grant will post next week on what he thought then  and a what he thinks now regarding the emissions debate that took place (LIVE) on the show, because it is still very topical today due to the Mayor Boris Johnson Thinking of trying to impose a ten-year age limit on all Taxis.

One thing that as changed is the Green Party MP Darren Johnson no longer use’s Taxis (BLACK CABS) to get home when he’s drunk he now prefers to use a Minicab tout to get home when he’s drunk, and then lets everybody on twitter know that he’s getting into one that’s a very bright man?

With the news this week that sexual assaults are up by 54%, the talk radio shows have been trying to get anyone not only silly enough but mad enough to phone in and explain why they are still using Minicab touts to get home, next time they should just ring Mr Johnson to explain why he used one.

Because you can always rely on a MP to set a good example?

The Latest Scam (CBJ) Morph Into Doorman!

Their now seems to be a change of tact, were operators are concerned that is the bright ones anyway regarding clipboard Johnnies(CBJ). It is now apparent that they have morphed out of their High Vis Jackets into long black coats, with a pen and a piece of paper in their hands to try pass themselves off as a doorman. This is still touting High Vis or not, lets just hope the new 4 man compliance team working on permanent night’s will have been advised of this during their 8 weeks training. They will be only targeting consistent (CBJ) offenders , they are due to start early December.

Lets hope they will be better than the compliance team working on Shaftesbury Avenue last night because just round the corner on Tiger Tiger their was 5 scabs parked on our rank.

Please be warned that the City of London Police are doing a lot of Badge and Bill checks and they are not letting drivers off with a verbal warning for not wearing there BADGES.
We was told in a compliance meeting that they are seeking court action and we were informed that some drivers have received a £ 280 fine.


What chance have the public got when all the bars and restaurants in london have a satellite facility operating from them and with all their drivers standing outside on the pavement making it a breeding ground for sexual predators.

Chief Inspector Jo Chinn, MPS Safer Transport Cab Enforcement Unit, said: “Minicab drivers that approach people in London or accept fares on the street for business pose a real danger. Even minicabs lined up outside pubs and clubs are breaking the law if they accept your fare without a booking being made first.

Sorry Chief Inspector Chinn Even minicabs lined up outside pubs and clubs are breaking the law even if they accept your fare with a booking being made first ,because they are PLYING FOR HIRE which is breaking the law,only taxis can only PLY FOR HIRE.

What chance have the public got when the Private Hire Sector can licence the Mercedes Vitos and Vianos for use as a Private Hire Vehicle when there is now a Mercedes vito licensed as a Taxi.

What chance have the public got when the Private Hire Sector can licence a Fiat Scudo TW200 as a Private Hire Vehicle that as the same interior design as a licensed Taxi (BLACK CAB).

Is it any WONDER that Rapes are up 50%.

  Mercedes Vito PHV or is it a Vito Taxi? (Fiat Scudo TW200)