Taxi Marshalling Arrangements For Tube Strike


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London Underground Strike – Taxi Arrangements  

at some mainline stations to help manage the expected increased demand for taxis. implement is preparing to TfL to stage 24 hour strikes on London’s Underground network next week, Following the decision by the TSSA and the RMT 


The strike is due to start at 18:00 on Monday 6 September 2010 and end at 18:00 on Tuesday 7 September 2010. To help travellers at some of the busiest stations in London, taxi marshalling will be in place at the following locations:


  1. Waterloo Station
  2. Liverpool Street Station (the taxi rank in Liverpool Street, outside McDonald’s)
  3. Marylebone Station
  4. King’s Cross Station
  5. Charing Cross Station

If the strikes go ahead the marshals are expected to be in place between 06:30am and 10:30am on Tuesday 7 September 2010. Whilst the formal fixed-fare taxi sharing schemes will not be in operation at these stations, the marshals may assist passengers travelling to the same destination who wish to share a taxi and we would appreciate your assistance in this respect. 

In addition to the above the fixed-fare taxi sharing schemes at Euston Station and Paddington Station are expected to operate as normal. 

We would kindly ask licensed taxi drivers to work at these stations during this strike and to provide the usual support and assistance to travellers impacted by this action. 

Thank you for your assistance with this matter. 

John Mason


2 September 2010 Director, Taxi and Private Hire



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