New Satellite Office Accusations..a reply

It is quite apparent to me that John Mason is the new whipping boy for all things going wrong within the Trade. The Anderson Shelter ran a story which implied that Mr Mason had issued more new satellite offices, much to the disgust of many drivers.

I had a meeting with Mr Mason on Monday afternoon / early evening and conveyed the concerns of the LCDC.

He assured me that he had issued no new sat-office licences and would forward me a email to explain the situation.

email received from Mr John Mason:

As I said, the position remains the same in that we suspended issuing any new licenses in venues with effect from 1st July.

In response to correspondence we received I explained on this issue I advised that this was not a permanent ban and, as you know, that this matter was subject to consultation and review.

In subsequent correspondence I also indicated that should there be exceptional circumstances I would review applications if, for example, there was strong support from the Police to issue a license then it would be considered.

To confirm, since 1 July, one only application, actually from an existing operator to change address from one location to another, has been approved on this basis.

I hope this clarifies matters, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.



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2 thoughts on “New Satellite Office Accusations..a reply

  1. The reason he become a whipping boy is because he useless ,scabs all over the place ,and what do the pco do, pull over taxis on the baywater rd and cheslea bridge.sorry the man a toss pot.

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