PH Consultation Farce Costing Results.

If you remember the London Cab Drivers Club had asked LTPH for the cost of the consultation paper regarding the introduction of P.H Motorcycles ( Taxybikes ) being licensed as PH in the Capital. In the freedom of information request we received back on the Consultation Farce where no decision was made on whether motor bikes can carry passenger’s for private hire use, well as promised here are the figures below, shame they can’t tell us the full cost in man hours


Bangkok`s motor bike taxi rush hour !

I write with reference to your email dated 29 July 2010, your request for information about the consultation on the licensing of motorcycles as private hire vehicles has been considered under the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

Figures for the total cost, number of staff hours involved and time taken to prepare and issue the consultation paper on the licensing of motorcycles as private hire vehicles are not held by this office so I cannot provide you with this information however, I can confirm that the printing and postage costs of this consultation were £3,077.50.

The responses to the consultation were reviewed by the Directors for the Enforcement and Compliance arm of Transport for London, which includes the Director of London Taxi and Private Hire and they agreed on and issued the outcome of the consultation, a copy of which can be found on our website at

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