We all know that touting is still a big problem out side every bar and restaurants all over London. But if we don’t report the illegal activity’s of touting be it a clipboard Johnnie or a group of tout’s standing outside a bar in the city, we must report it,because if we don’t THEY the (LTPH) will think they don’t have a problem. And you might just save someone from getting raped by this scum. But please remember do not send in video footage especially when driving because it against the law.

Please send all details to.


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One thought on “WE MUST REPORT IT

  1. It’s great that the club should give this advise but whst you have to realise us some of us gave been doing just this for many years. Myself, I have given up reporting incidents and I have sent thousands if complaints accompanied by photos, videos and third party statements. In the past four years I have had only one reply and that was to tell me not to send video as the PCO complaints dot had no facility to view the footage.
    No one has contacted me fir further information and when I enquired what was happening in a more serious episode, I was told they would look into the incident and get back to me but they never have.
    If you are really serious about trying to do something about the amount if rapes in PHV’s why not support the campaign currently running on the Anderson Shelter. Trade politics aside it has had a slow uptake till now but is still running.

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