The Latest Scam (CBJ) Morph Into Doorman!

Their now seems to be a change of tact, were operators are concerned that is the bright ones anyway regarding clipboard Johnnies(CBJ). It is now apparent that they have morphed out of their High Vis Jackets into long black coats, with a pen and a piece of paper in their hands to try pass themselves off as a doorman. This is still touting High Vis or not, lets just hope the new 4 man compliance team working on permanent night’s will have been advised of this during their 8 weeks training. They will be only targeting consistent (CBJ) offenders , they are due to start early December.

Lets hope they will be better than the compliance team working on Shaftesbury Avenue last night because just round the corner on Tiger Tiger their was 5 scabs parked on our rank.

Please be warned that the City of London Police are doing a lot of Badge and Bill checks and they are not letting drivers off with a verbal warning for not wearing there BADGES.
We was told in a compliance meeting that they are seeking court action and we were informed that some drivers have received a £ 280 fine.

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2 thoughts on “The Latest Scam (CBJ) Morph Into Doorman!

  1. City of London police what a great job you do for the private hire trade. Nick us for not wearing our badge but allow touting on a major scale to go on untouched in the city.
    Blind Eye policy for the PH trade in the city is there only policy.
    With sexual attacks up 54% the met and the city police are powerless to stop it.
    LTPH you must be really proud of yourselves for introducing satellite offices into London.

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