View Grant Davis (LIVE) On The Politics Show In 2008

Please view Grant Davis the chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club (LIVE) on the politics show back in 2008.

Grant will post next week on what he thought then  and a what he thinks now regarding the emissions debate that took place (LIVE) on the show, because it is still very topical today due to the Mayor Boris Johnson Thinking of trying to impose a ten-year age limit on all Taxis.

One thing that as changed is the Green Party MP Darren Johnson no longer use’s Taxis (BLACK CABS) to get home when he’s drunk he now prefers to use a Minicab tout to get home when he’s drunk, and then lets everybody on twitter know that he’s getting into one that’s a very bright man?

With the news this week that sexual assaults are up by 54%, the talk radio shows have been trying to get anyone not only silly enough but mad enough to phone in and explain why they are still using Minicab touts to get home, next time they should just ring Mr Johnson to explain why he used one.

Because you can always rely on a MP to set a good example?

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2 thoughts on “View Grant Davis (LIVE) On The Politics Show In 2008

  1. I would just like to say Grant Davis came a cross well and it was (live). Dont no him but the trade needs a good spokesman I think we have found our man.Well done Grant

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