Last Night at the Grosvenor House


Late last night both myself and Danny Sullivan received a phone call stating that Addison lee was ” touting”  outside the Grosvenor House Hotel Park lane  for the second night running. On my arrival, It looked like the event was coming to a close  but there were still a number of  delegates  milling about  inside and outside the Hotel lobby. These delegates were attending a function being hosted  by Barclay’s bank. They were easily identified by the fact that they were all wearing Barclays Bank lanyard around their necks.

I walked around  both lobby’s  and I must admit I did not see a booking desk in any part of the hotel , and there did not seem to be anything going on untoward.

 I then went outside and stood with the Addison Lee marshalls on Park Lane who were  approaching people who had attended the Barclay’s Bank function and were asking  them if  they needed a Barclay’s account car.

Danny Sullivan had spoken to the events organisers outside on Park Lane whilst this was going on, and was informed that  Addison Lee had been pre- booked  months  ago to take these  delegates home on the Barclays acount.

If this is true then this no different to what the Licensed Taxi  radio circuits do when they have been booked for a function.

But however if those customers who were taken home then had to pay cash at the end of their  journey  Addison Lee could maybe be guilty of  touting on a grand scale.

 We have asked the LT&PH to launch a full investigation and ask Addison Lee for all their booking records.

Tony Mc & Danny Sullivan



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One thought on “Last Night at the Grosvenor House

  1. I do not see how what AL did is the same as what our own radio circuits do. True, there are similarities. If the cars have been booked for the company but not for specific passengers, then that is the same as our circuits.

    However, I can think of two immediate differences. First, is it no longer the case that a line of parked PH cars constitute an illegal rank? Second, is it no longer an offence for them to be parked on a TAXI RANK.

    What need is there for the marshalls to be outside the venues? This encourages illegal parking as the marshall will take the passengers to the waiting car. Surely, the marshall should be inside, calling up a car in response to a passenger request, giving the passenger the reg No. and notifying the passenger when the car is outside.

    If this concept of the marshall being outside is valid, perhaps we could determine how on earth touting could be detected and stopped where cars are booked for such functions. The only way I can see that touting could be prevented is for an enforcement officer to accompany every marshall. This should be pointed out to the PCO.

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