Paddington Station Rank on Bishops Bridge

Yesterday the LCDC, Unite and LTDA was informed by TFL that they would be suspending the inside part of the rank on Bishop Bridge to allow buses to park on at night.The request was made after residents from Westbourne Terrace complained of the noise pollution after the buses were moved there from Eastbourne terrace while the roadworks take place.
At no time was anyone consulted from the trade on this matter TFL took it upon themselves to suspened the rank after making a Thursday night and a weekend observation that the Bishops Bridge rank wasn’t used that much after 10 o’clock.So after a few nights observation TFL assume the rank is not used very much maybe they should have turned up on a Monday night the picture would have probaly been a lot different. So the proposal was for the 25 rank spaces to be suspended from 10pm to 6am 7 days a week.
After talks with TFL and LTPH and members from the LCRC the times have now been changed to 11pm to 5.30am. We are still pushing for a later start as we feel the buses could park on the Harrow Rd and move up on the rank after the last train as arrived at Paddington. We are awaiting a press release from LTPH regarding what will happen tonight and this will be under review. We need to know what will happen in the coming months if it’s not busy and we require the ranks space on the bridge. We will post LTPH press release regarding Paddington when it arrives.

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