Tony Mc.

With the forthcoming Taxi and Private Hire consultation document soon to be released to the trade, we believe that LT&PH will have to make some major changes to resolve the massive problems being faced by the Licensed Taxi Trade, and also for the safety of the travelling Public.
But we are asking ourselves will LT&PH have the Gonad’s to make the changes?

We believe that not one single thing will change the madness that takes place every night outside the night clubs and bars in London unless drastic action is taken.

We are convinced that satellite offices are a major source of all the problems that we and the public face every night, with a satellite office inside most clubs and restaurants in London,this allows touts and sexual predators to stand on mass outside these venues waiting for their next victim!

There has been a long-held theory that the police have adopted a ” blind eye policy ” to all this law breaking just so all the drunks get off their patch, if this is the case then it is a dangerous game they are playing ,let us hope that it is not one of their family on the wrong end of a sexual assault.

The forthcoming consultation will be meaningless If the Mayor Boris Johnson try’s to impose a ten-year life span on all Taxis,if this decision is made I believe that the mayor will have declared war on the cab trade and we at the club are prepared for a fight to the death even if it means holding out an olive branch to some of the other organizations that are on the side lines.

7000 cabs off the road ,Cab rents will double,35 thousand pound cab worthless after ten years with no sell on value, If that’s not enough to fight for then I don’t know what is, The Mayor would have killed the cab trade-off.

We know that LT&PH intend to look at the Knowledge next year, so if it happens and you don’t stand and fight now you may only have two years left .



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  1. Its about time one of the trade org’s have stood up and said they are going to fight for our trade.the ten year is going to kill us . the 5th of feb demo will look like a tea party .ten year now the knol life as a cab driver will change for good as MR MASON got a game plan to kill us off?

  2. Every time the public try to give it to us that their is not enough cabs at night (2 hours between 10 and 12 )because they the public have to wait ten mins instead of getting a cab when they step outside on the pavement and get a cab there and then . The public say why cant they flood the streets with more cabs,we allways say how can they do this or that because we pay 35k for a cab or we have done the knol.if they devalue a cab and fu*k the Knol,then they can flood the streets with cabs,because were not buying but renting or leasing cabs and not paying 35k for a cab can we trust Mr Mason or will only time tell

  3. John Mason came to our AGM and promised that he would change things but it would take time because of how things were at the old PCO. The first step is the consultation but if it doesn’t go our way what then?
    The time for talk is running out. Let’s see what is in the consultation and what’s going to be done.

  4. Finally someone with the balls to say it.
    We are taking it in the rear from all directions city of london give us FA
    Boris looking to bring in TEN years on all taxis
    LT&PH moving the goalposts on everthing to do with the trade.
    And OI Gillis weres our ranks we need rank space and all were seeing is bike bays.
    And finally we’ve just lost the M4 and Westminster is run like the wild wild west anything goes afterdark.
    The only thing working for Westminster are the cameras issuing PCNs to us.
    The line as been drawn in the sand TFL and Mr Mason cross it and you will see London brought to a stand still

  5. when you say talking with organisations on the sidelines what do you mean

    are you going to support the United Cabbies Group on their nrxt demo

    • if the Mayor brings in ten years givati, then there is onlky one bloody demo i1ll
      be going on….the big one, or two, or three……etc etc
      end off

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