Are Bug Bugs Turning A Blind Eye To Benefit Cheats ?

Once again the London Cab Drivers Club has led from the front’ and have gone undercover to expose the scam that exists within the Capital called

” Rickshaws” or “Pedicabs”.

These are a disgrace to our great City and the thought of licensing these death traps under the guise of bringing them under control is a complete joke.

We in the Licensed Taxi trade was told this crap when the minicabs were licensed, look at the dog’s dinner that has become.

 If anyone thinks for an instant that once licensed , there would be adequate enforcement to control them, think again

This is why we will oppose  “clause 19” of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill.

The LCDC will never surrender, and will always stand up for our trade.

Sorry for the poor sound quality.

After watching this video clip and you was thinking shame they did not go into Bug Bugs head office,  all we can say is watch this SPACE.

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2 thoughts on “Are Bug Bugs Turning A Blind Eye To Benefit Cheats ?

  1. Please can we stop calling these contraptions “pedicabs” and refer them as what they have been known as elsewhere in the world for many, many years – “rickshaws”.

    It may seem innocuous now to call them pedicabs but history should have taught us lessons. When Gotla’s cars began what is now known as the minicab trade in the 1960s, the word “minicab” soon became universally recognised. So much so that when the LTDA went to court to try and outlaw them, the judge deemed that the term could not be banned as it had fallen into everyday usage.

    Please, let’s not help do the same thing with “pedicabs”.

    On aother subject, WCCs planned vountary registration scheme is not necessarily about enforcement. They win whether it is a success or otherwise. If it works, the benefits to WCC and the rickshaws is obvious. If it fails, thery still win because they will be better able to get legislation to licence the damn things.

    The way things work is that if TFL bring the legislation issue it is a very long-winded and expensive way to legislation. On the other hand, if they can prove that all other avenues have been tried and failed i.e. a voluntary registration scheme, it is much easier to get a full licensing system approved.

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