Is This Big Brother ?

Dear L.C.D.C

Can you help me by posting these pictures on your blog site, to help me find out the real propose for all the black boxes’ that have appeared all over Great Britain, I was told by a AA breakdown man who said they are for pay as you drive, I have done some digging but drawn a blank.

They was installed under the last Labour Government  I have seen them being install lately so are the LIB CON  Coalition Government going to charge us to drive?

I have seen them on the M4 going to Heathrow the distance between the boxes’ was about 15 seconds apart,  and they are all over London,so when you drive to-night just keep looking at the road and you will soon start to see the boxes’ all over the place

Kind regards

LCDC Member Frankie Johns


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6 thoughts on “Is This Big Brother ?

  1. They’re induction loops. They measure the volume and speed of traffic. They have no means of identifying individual vehicles. That’s what ANPR cameras are for.

    • No. As I may have mentioned, they have no means of identifying individual vehicles. They’re not new, and they weren’t “installed under the last Labour Government”. In London, they’re mostly there to feed information to traffic lights on when to change. That’s as close as they get to being part of The War On The Motorist.

  2. There are traffic lights at the end of motorways. There are traffic lights on exit slips. There is information on overhead gantries. There are variable speed limits. There is live information on Police control centres monitor for accidents. New roadbuilding is planned and justified. The loops supply information for all of these functions. They can measure your speed and detect that you’re breaking the law, but they would need to be linked to a camera to record your number plate. Have you considered addressing your queries to the Highways Agency?

  3. Sevn you seem to no your stuff i just feel someone as spent a lot of money installing these boxes and will want to recoup some of that money some how at some time.Thanks for help to sheding some light on this will take your advice and do some more digging.

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