Respect On The Road


Watch the LCDC Chairman Grant Davis Interview members of the public to discuss the lack of respect on the road by other road users.
AXA Car Insurance have launched a campaign to bring courtesy and respect back to the roads.
Watch out for AXA’s ‘Respect the Road’ Cab Cam

With greater numbers of us considering cycling with the advent of the Cycle Hire scheme but with traffic showing no signs of abating, respect on the road is a real concern. Boris Biking doesn’t demand a helmet and with rapid expansion, there will be more and more riders who aren’t sure of the roads and haven’t properly cycled since their teeny BMX days. Tension between cyclists and motorists is a perennial issue, let alone tension between motorists on our busy streets. Seeking to find out what Londoners think about road rage and ways to change motorists’ behaviour, AXA sent out their ‘Cab Cam’ and got them chatting from the back seat.   






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