No Change At Number One New Change

At first glance it looks like a big blob next to one of the capital’s most elegant landmarks. Seen from the back, it comes close to resembling the architect’s inspiration: a US stealth bomber.

But regardless of what it looks like, it now seems we the Taxi trade will be the big losers once again because the City of London have not relocated the rank on Cheapside to the main entrance on New Change.

The City of London no longer attend ranks meetings and seem to be happy with touts outside most late night venues in the square mile, we at the LCDC just feel that the City of London Police are losing control or just not interested in protecting the travelling public

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7 thoughts on “No Change At Number One New Change

  1. Another rank to disappear, what happened to the capitals air quality targets. Really helps keeping us driving around all day and night. Maybe we should form our own rank, just like the touts do in the square mile. Out of hand, out of control, out of order.

  2. Why are the City Of London so Anti Cabs?
    night after night I drive past ranks of minicabs outside the venues and
    see no action……….wasters.

  3. Got the complet bollock ache of the city of London. If the roadworks get finished and there’s no rank then i think its time for some sort of drastic action.

  4. I went past the bar at Gresham St last night and saw that the Cab rank has gone….replaced by a rank of SCABS
    BOLLOCKS TO THIS !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This just show you what the corporation thinks about the taxi trade a new shopping center with only one rank at that is in the wrong spot.

  6. The night guys have now demonstrated a proven strategy which can hopefully be turned to New Change in the day. By making informal ranks outside certain nightspots they initially had problems with the police and parking attendants, etc. Eventually though, the powers that be realised that we were actually popular iwth the public at these venues and not only left us to get on with it but also provided official ranks outside some of these places.

    THat is the way to go. Rank at New Change. If asked to, move on and let somebody else park up. Once the berks at the city of London realise that both businesses and their customers want us there then maybe they will do something. Not for us because we don’t count – for their ratepayers and clients.

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