TFL’S Blue Print To Bring About The End Game ?


It now seems that the Mayor of London Boris Johnson`s proposed ten-year age limit on  all Hackney Carriage vehicles in London Is nothing new.  Drivers in Blackburn and Darwen have been fighting the same madness back in February 2009.

So the Mayors plan’s to introduce a ten-year age limit on all London Taxis is nothing new , are we being mislead  by the Mayor that he is considering imposing a 10-year age limit on all Hackney Carriages in trying to hit EU air pollution standards in London? or just having new cabs for the Olympics?

Blackburn and Darwen taxi drivers’ protest over 10-year age limit for their vehicles and the RAMIFICATIONS are there for all to see ! even our old foe’s lets call them “Ken’s cronies ” at ( TFL) could see the damage that this proposal would have on the Licensed Taxi Trade here in London.

So, when all the time the trade rep’s were attending  meetings and stating to (TFL)  that this would happen and that would happen to us if ( TFL) introduced this or that proposal they ( TFL )  already knew  what  the RAMIFICATIONS would be on the trade in London.

Over the coming day’s the club will set out what we think  ( TFL) main objectives are,  and how they will try to introduce them by stealth to bring  about  THE END GAME for all of us in the Licensed Trade in the Capital.


                     Lancashire Telegraph  

 Friday 6th February 2009 

TAXI drivers have protested at controversial proposals that would mean two-thirds of their fleet have to be replaced.

Blackburn with Darwen Council is considering imposing a 10-year age limit on Hackney carriages in an attempt to hit EU air pollution standards.

But drivers have slammed the plans, with 44 out of the 68 licensed black cabs in the borough already over 10 years old.

About 50 drivers came to the town hall on Thursday night where the licensing committee sent the proposals back to the ruling executive board with a recommendation to raise the age limit to 15.

The committee also wants to see drivers given help buying replacement taxis where necessary, either through subsidies or loans.

The decision was welcomed by Makbul Patel, vice chairman of the borough’s Hackney Carriage Association.

He said: “It’s not bad, 15 years is better than 10. I am not 100 per cent happy, but it’s better.

“It would be good it the council helped us to buy the new vehicles. They subsidise buses “If we had to replace vehicles it would cost us £20,000 then they would be worthless after 10 years. We would have to scrap them.

“It’s absolutely unfair. Average earning for taxi drivers are only about £6,000 at the moment, so we won’t get finance.”

When the original plans were announced, 64 objections and a petition were submitted to the licensing committee in protest.

Labour Coun Jim Smith, who sits on the committee, said: “The council wants them to have these new taxis, but they can’t afford them in the current climate, so we need to find a way to help out.

“It’s about giving them a fighting chance”.

The executive board will take a final decision on the matter in the coming weeks.

Friday 6th February 2009

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17 thoughts on “TFL’S Blue Print To Bring About The End Game ?

  1. I keep reading that TFL are going to do this to us, and the PCO (or whatever they are called now) are going to do this to us, the end is nigh, we are all doomed blah blah blah.

    But what I dont hear is what the F**k are we doing to stop these things.

  2. Being an LCDC member I do hope we are not going to roll over without a fight. Boris needs to be aware that should we wish we can grid lock London daily. We put up with everyone else’s protests and marches on a daily basis, but we could be far more effective at it if we all came together. No one wants to be confrontational but when your fighting for your livelihood and your families welfare, what choice will he leave us. So whatever your trade allegencies, stand together or be bullied into financial ruin. If this is the end game then at the very least we can go down fighting.

    • Danny I am a member of the RMT and the UCG but I am also a Cab Driver, if there was ever a time when all the petty squabbling has got to stop it is now.

      The PCO TFL WCC Private Hire, Scabs and Touts have been taking little bites out of our trade for years, and what have we done, squabble about who has got the biggest org.

      • Exactly Steve, the point many drivers in the trade seem to miss is we are all in this together, and divided we’ll fall. All the while we squabble Tfl, WCC and the Touts are loving it.

  3. Iam a member of the club and i have talked to grant and tony and what they have told me of there plans if the ten year come’s in you will see action like have never seen before,and i dont just mean the size of demo’s cant say to much because it not just us who read this blog

  4. TfL are grossly underestimating the LCDC active membership and the impact on the trade we would have if we get “tooled up” for this demo! TfL, are you sure?

  5. Spoke to Grant Davis today, he said “LCDC has been un-undated with phone calls about the TfL agenda. And he and the committee are united to protect and defend both his membership and and the cab trade from the underhand agenda of all agencies involved in the Safer Travel at night campaign”

  6. What a music to my ears.
    We are fighting for the Taxi Trade together regardless of the organisation one belongs to.
    We also need a strong leaders to take The Trade forward to unity. I know that first steps were already taken so don’t stop now. We need unity now more than ever.

  7. It is a shame that only when we are facing such dire times, people see the damage of the sniping and negative actions that have gone on for the last 2 years.
    In my opinion, if Boris tells us 10 years then everything else is secondary. we will not have a Trade left.
    If this happens, I hope that every orginisation in London, LTDA,RMT,UCG,T&G Unite, all muster forces and bring the streets of London to a stand still, day after day, week after week.
    This will indeed be our Rorkes Drift, and we MUST show strength and determination for our survival.

  8. BO JO your taking the food out of my kids mouth.Do you think we are going to stand by and suffer this, TEN-YEARS will kill us off.

  9. yes come on, lets just have it if fed up with all this crap BO JO,C.OF.L.WCC.come boys let kick it off iam starting on friday at the motor bike demo to have with WCC taxis get done by the slag as well.I see you boys from the office there.LETS JUST HAVE IT……

  10. I’m getting fed up with the crap TFL are feeding us week in and out , come on Boris bring on the ten years so we can give you the mother of all headaches.

  11. Thoughts for a real demo

    LCDC blockade bank junction
    LTDA blockade traflagar sq
    Unite blockade all the bridges/tunnels from east to west
    UTG blockade Heathrow and the M4
    RMT blackfriars road/city hall

    We need to stand as one.

  12. It really is great to finally hear talk of this trade beginning to unite

    If we stand together we really will be a force to be reckoned with

    Lets ave it!

    Hope to see you all at the demo at Oxford Circus, 3pm, 17th November

    Let this be the start of a truly united front

  13. Do not just wait for TfL decision. While the consultation is in progress we must scrutinise Tfl and anybody involved that they work within the LAW

  14. i have been driving a cab for thirty three years and i am really worried about our future.we must force a change of regime at t.f.l.ken livingstone started the ball rolling and it is just getting bigger.why do london cabbies give him work by talking to him on l.b.c.if you must talk to him then leave him in no doubt what we will do to london if [when re-elected]he doesnt leave us alone.i will be at the demo as will my son.please please please stop all the intrade bickering and stand united.i came off my beloved dial a cab after thirty three years because i couldnt be a member of a society that gives all the cream work to private hire{they will insist they dont}and all the run around town work to their k.o.l trained and loyal drivers.see you at the demo.

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