(TFL’S) Bigger Picture To Kill Us Off !! ? Part One.

Question: If (TFL) main objective is to have Private Hire pick up points all over London.

How will TFL achieve this objective.

  • First to deplete the Taxi trade of taxi numbers in London.
  • How do TFL achieve this.
  • Introduce a ten-year age limit on all taxis.
  • By 2012 the taxi trade will have lost 7,500.
  • They knew how to achieve this because the Blackburn and Darwen drivers had all ready voiced their concerns what the Ten-year age limit would on their trade.
  • 2012 the Olympics comes to London over 3 million people will visit london.
  • Due to the loss of taxis we can’t meet the public demand on the street.
  • How do TFL meet the public demand.
  • They will try introduce Private Hire pick up and drop off points in London help meet the public demand.
  • In January 2012 the motor cycle trial in London bus lane’s comes to an end.
  • This will pavé the way for the Private hire industry to gain access to all london bus lanes to help with the Olympics in 2012.
  • Then if and only if Boris Johnson loses to Ken Livingstone in the mayor elections it will be end game.

Before you dismiss this has a conspiracy theory please take some time to read the facts that I will supply in part two on this blog site.

4 thoughts on “(TFL’S) Bigger Picture To Kill Us Off !! ? Part One.

  1. Livingston or boris it does not matter a toss,the olympics was always set in stone to change the cab set up in london,livingstone hated us as being Elitist the knowledge as a barrier to ethnic minorities,look at the shambles that happened there.
    boris—he does not give a toss about exploitation of cheap migrant labour just as long as tfl get a stream of revenue from cab licensing,and if they dont like the job the free market says get another job.


  2. Nobody in the London Cab Trade knew of the hidden agenda contained within STaN. Many have claimed that an agenda was being worked to and made many accusations without any evidence. Some opportunists among us are desperate to cause disunity in our trade by claiming they have copyright on the conspiracy theory.
    I would sooner follow a leader like Grant who is man enough to admit that he is not perfect and is willing to fight for both his members and his trade. Than the SLY underhand slanderers that are NOT man enough to tell the truth. They would sooner try to use the current situation to slander, undermine and attach one of our own in effort to score points, than to fight for our trades existence. Truth is, this is all they have to offer other than their BIG FAT MOUTHS!

  3. Hear, Hear, I read the other blog sites and their agenda is dis-unity not unity. I always attend the demos called by the Club as when they call it on you know the reason is a right and just one.
    I am sick of the slanging match within the trade by some, pathetic.

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